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  2. Fuck I am that keen to build a shed once I have secured a house. At the risk of sounding 85, has anyone looked into building one with a pit rather than hoist?
  3. My quarter panels looked pretty decent, so I wasn't expecting it to be this bad haha: LH: 780 780 775 755 RH: 775 775 770 750 Now to build some plates and brackets to pull it out properly instead of the eyebolts and ratchet straps I have been previously using haha.
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  6. GP Sports? looking closer i dont think it is.
  7. Somewhere to put those questions where you need the help of the hive mind ? My first one is these skirts and rear bar, guy is big on insta but seemed to never mention what they were after stalking a lot of posts Skirts look similar to 240R but are different, thought the rear was just pods but looks like a whole bar.
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    I have a Emtron KV8 because my turner loves them and he is a specialists in the engine's i run (JZs) I have no issues with the ECU but i feel because they are new they are not real innovative at the moment and a lot of there items are just re branded other item's that they have flashed to allow it to be identified via CANBUS easy. Now that i'm looking at expanding a couple things on the project i feel i have sort of hit a dead end in regards to the brand and example is like the individual Thermocouple comes in a 4 or an 8M the 4 i either have to buy two or i go the Motorsports with the 8 and have two inputs wasted where as if i went the motec version, i can use those to channels for other inputs ect and this makes me feel i should have gone Motec M series from the start, also with it being semi open source you have the ability to program your own things and seeing what Luke from powertune is doing with them is crazy. I guess at the time my tuner said the right thing, the Emtron does what i want it to do, it has the add on's i need it just annoying i cant get the icing on the cake sort of thing like i could get with motec items
  10. Good to hear that. I was planning on going to town on the LED strip lighting & taking a leaf out of @Miller 's book with the skylights
  11. I have gone from a 2 1/2 car garage to a larger 3 1/2 with carport for 6. I have to say the bigger garage shits me because of lighting. The little one I installed the brightest downlights i could and had three rows of five and I miss that the most about my garage. The house I'm in at the moment is a temp house, so I don't want to go wasting money putting in lights and painting garage floor etc. but I have vast amounts of space now the thing I miss the most is good lighting.
  12. Whoa, that makes it easy. Now to get home and see how bad mine is haha. Thanks mate
  13. For sure. Future proofing it will be a big thing. I want the power to be capable of running a decent hoist & welder so the old extension cable aint gonna cut it Would run water pipe x2, as with a water tank there we may look to add sterilization & pipe this to the house if need be
  14. Kyal

    Pics of the Day

    with rona coming to an end i made a quick edit for the boys to get them keen on driving again
  15. if you are running power from the house, it would be best to run a water line also. tank water will piss you off and you wont have to dig another trench in the future
  16. That was for Chris's 81, good friend and well lucky we all use to gym back then because squating a engine out and in was fucking killer.
  17. Not that i know of, to be honest i dont do much drifting and dont follow it other then friends with 81's. i just know there is politics like with anything.
  18. Awesome feedback guys I'm in a 5.7 x 5.7 internal access double with a bench down the side at the moment. I felt having the bench on the side cut out 0.5-1m and i had ~2m unsed width on the other side, so figured 3m width / vehicle would be enough, especially as i wasn't planning on storage on the sides But the mrs is saying anything farm related will be going in there as well, so dispensation to go bigger. Threw my ideas into Skethup quickly The big front box is the Silvia's dimensions, the one next to the door is Lunch Money (C35). Put them on the LHS so easy to get into drivers sides Wheel rack on back wall for 3x sets of 17x9's stacked up Corner workbench 2x modular shelving units for parts (900x500x2100 - already have) Recessed scissor jacks/Quickjacks 1m x 0.5m island on casters with worktop & vice on top and welder underneath Idea behind that design is that pulling an engine can be done with plenty of room out the front into the workshop area So if i could get 6x10 to work anything bigger would be a breeze
  19. All good! This is what ive got. Its 790mm from the outside of the centre bolt to outside of the rear bar holes if that makes sense. Sorry for the the un readable hand writing haha I also could not get all the measurements as i forgot i still had the rio on the car and didnt bring home the tools needed to take it off (been forever since ive taken the bar off) Hope it helps you out!
  20. I built a 6x12x3 high from an old shed I picked up for nothing. Had 5 tilt up doors and a basic pedestrian door. I resheeted to look new. I rejigged the frame to fit a 5m roller door, bumped up the overall height by 200mm to fit over my block wall. I cut into my block a few meters and blocked it up as retaining. As for bench space, I built a bench that spanned the 6m depth of the shed. Hardly notice it's there if you want to pull a heap of cars in. If you have a choice, go at least 7m deep. The extra meter makes a big difference moving around when it's ful I'm also a big fan of skylights. One panel per 3m is great Progress pics
  21. Just go as big as you can, hahaha I'm about to start sorting prices for a shed, I'm a little restricted as I don't have heaps of room, but I'm gonna get enough floor space for 4 corollas and that's livin. Will have a hoist and a big bench etc so won't be able to actually fit 4 corollas though.
  22. DioXidE

    New account who dis?

    Yep, I rememeber at that matsuri you needed a jz and i organised one for you and it ended up being no good too ­čś× I even still follow your ciscokids stuff on the socials. Are there any good drift forums/groups in Melb? I may be moving there someday soon so I want to check out the scene.
  23. Was on old forum, same username. Robert, from Melb and i run Ciscokids we helped bring Tezuka to QLD matsuri many moons ago. Whats happen since then? well cant remember when the forum went down so i will just run off a list of things Got married 2017 Purchased more investments Left job that i bitched about on old forum, went back to a old place of work and i enjoy it. Had 1st child a month ago. And in the last 12 months have been focusing on getting all my un finished projects sorted in a way and i will create some build threads when i get the chance. ex Kidsheart/HKS JZX81 - becoming a grip car another JZX81 - getting hand me downs and becoming street/drift/R&D Car 2JZ ITB X32 Cressida - classic fun car Other unfinished projects Finish Tattoo Finish BMX build Go Hiking/Camping more Turn Ciscokids into something i enjoy as a hobby.

    Sim talk

    Looking into getting into SIM racing and drifting. Built fancy computer just need the sim gear now and the whole reason behind it is practice, been 10+ years since i have hit the track in my own car due to adulting. is there anything advice you can pass on that you would have liked to have known when building a sim rig that you know now?
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