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  2. Shnuzi

    W58 into IS300

    Thanks for the info, do you have the exact measurements for the custom shifter? I need to get one of those made. What exactly needs to be done?
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  5. Vsutepilot


    Just got a Grom , too much fun these beasts
  6. Andrew

    What's happening?

    Alexi is commentating D1 stream on YouTube it anyone's bored with the weather around. Battles start in an hour or so.
  7. So work has been good and Ive got a new shop so moving to the GC. Buying a house and looking at getting one with a shed or building a shed on an existing property. Ideally i'd like a 7x10 with 2 roller doors on the long side and a workshop area. Hoist in the middle and room for another vehicle on the side. Talk to the realestate on Monday so wish me luck!
  8. In September NZ changed the rules on what sheds/garages don't need council consent, and single story lean-to pole sheds in rural areas are included. Soooooooo 4m - 3.4m stud, 6m span, 3x bays at 3.6m per bay. Fully enclosed with 3x roller doors Getting it priced up at the mo. I've gone ham on Sketchup tho
  9. Ben

    What's happening?

    Homeless, but........... Bought an inflatable canvas tent to celebrate Living with the inlaws is amazing. Dinner made for us, washing done, in-house babysitters. I don't really want to move out tbh
  10. Im sure this has been coverd 1000 times but who is the go to for tyres in Brisbane ? is it better to have an account to get better pricing ? are people buying from wholesalers and have there own tyre machines at home ? So a few tyres that are drift specific Good ride RS sport , Zeknova , Valino, Zestino , Achillies 123s, Sailun R01 Some people are saying there getting more run time on the drift specific tyres over the cheaper radial tyres ? The drift specific tyres are ranging from $130 to $200 each from the prices ive seen
  11. Have had a Full river dry cell in my car for abit over 2yrs , cant fault it and was $220 brand new , fairly compact and small
  12. Tri-X with yellow filter.
  13. brajjj

    Pics of the Day

    Those are cool as
  14. Don’t get into sport bikes, it’s a trap...
  15. Hype

    Making it legal

    I guess I would rather just get done for too low or spacers rather than that plus cage, seats, coilovers, etc. Not wanting to be that virgin throwing engineers papers at them, but also not wanting to be fined for things that could just be engineered.
  16. brajjj

    Tow Cars

    Year/Make/Model: .2003 spce cab hiluxDrive: .rwdMotor: .3rzTransmission: . Standard 3rz boxFuel: . PetrolTowing Capacity: . 1800Towing Modifications: . Electric brake controller, new rear shocks and shacklesPros: . Tows great, fuel economy is great towing, big tub plenty of room for tools, wheels, tyres, space cab so plenty of room inside for personal items.Cons: . Is slow when towing, sucks up hills. Great for small cars but not bigger carsRough price: . $3000-$6000Comments: . These are bang for buck imo and just keep going and are pretty common, can slap a ebay turbo kit and still use the stock ecu, 7psi and it’ll love it.
  17. brajjj

    Making it legal

    Bump this, a lot of hwy patrol are ego driven so having an engineers can be good or doesnt mean shit, depends on the cop!
  18. Andrew

    Making it legal

    I always just took the approach that the harder you make it for them to ping you the harder they look. They'll find some bullshit somewhere so be too low with dark tint and let them be on their way.
  19. Hammersmith

    Making it legal

    There are some manufacturers offering ADR approved coilovers here in Australia. TEIN super streets were possibly the first, I imagine Pedders are approved too. From memory I had my HSDs mod-plated years ago. Pretty sure I still have the phone number of the engineer that plated pretty much everything on my car for me.
  20. lev

    Pics of the Day

    long weekend feel like:
  21. Cypher, FND Iro (expired ultramax...?)
  22. Hello all used to frequent this site back in 2005/6 under the username eastcoastdrifter. Lots of changes has happen in my life for sure back then . I was a whinny wannabe from Sydney that watched too much initial D. Now I'm living in Osaka , married and can't be fucked paying for parking so I rent a Kei car when I want to have some fun. Hope everyone is safe.
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