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  2. Been loving updates on IG about this 🙂
  3. Kyal

    Tow Cars

    For the guys on a budget Year/Make/Model: BA falcon💪Drive: . RWDMotor: . Gods motor 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏Transmission: . BTRFuel: . unleaded Towing Capacity: . 2200kgTowing Modifications: . none, but i would recommend rear bags and a trans coolerPros: . fucking falcon bruvCons: . fucking falcon bruvRough price: . $1-2kComments: . house mate bought this for 1k, literally towed his s15 to HWH and back 2 days later, probs done 40+ tows since he owned it and its been fucking mint, a/c blasting. If you could find a BF with the 6 speed auto that would be the only upgrade. For sub 3k (inc air shocks and trans cooler) legit best CHEAP tow car.
  4. This is pretty strange even for here - most people go for steel framed sheds, but they need consent from the council. Pole sheds don't I'm essentially exploiting a loophole. Pole sheds are normally open, gravel floor & store hay or farm machinery in them, hence why council CBF'd with consenting them. I'm enclosing mine & putting a concrete floor down Plus it fits the rural setting a lot better than a steel framed jobbie
  5. Looks straight outta Big Angry Fish. Kiwi's do sheds weird but I like them. Good stuff!
  6. Year/Make/Model: . 2017 Ram 1500 LimitedDrive: . 4wdMotor: .5.7 hemiTransmission: .Pos auto with to many gears Fuel: . Unleaded Towing Capacity: . 9500lbsTowing Modifications: . Factory air ride and self levelingPros: . Tows wellCons: . Everything else Rough price: .To Much for what you getComments: . Tows well but is a heap of crap to own.
  7. Year/Make/Model: 1998 Lexus LX470Drive: AWDMotor: 2uzTransmission: 4spd AutoFuel: GasolineTowing Capacity: Enough to partyTowing Modifications: NonePros: Factory transmission cooler, reliable, comfortableCons: Expensive, factory AHC tends to go out if you drive it into a pond 😅 Rough price: $12k-18k USD? Not exactly sure. Traded my Nissan truck for this one about 10 years agoComments: Even with a 3" lift , 35" tires, 256k miles on the clock (and original motor), and taking a regular flogging on the trail it still tows like a champ. Seems crazy to me the tiny vehicles you guys use to tow your drift cars, but I suppose Americans do tend to do things a bit overkill haha
  8. Jack


    Had an xv250 for a first bike, absolutely loved it and cruisers in general. On the hunt for a v45 atm for a side project. Current fun bike is an old V4 RVF. Pretty standard, bigger main jets, full stainless tyga system, tyga gpt rear subframe/fairing. Pretty stout 60hp at the tyre for the little 400 makes for a fun time!
  9. Figured I'd do an update on this seeing as though I've got builders cracking into the shed out my window right now Got confirmation in writing from the council that we didn't have to go through the building consent process, has made it way easier A builder/project mgr mate has come to the rescue and allowed me to buy a kitset on his account & he's got himself plus two of his guys doing it over the past few weeks. The proposed site was about 300mm sloped from back to front, meaning pad would have been 400mm higher than the driveway & not low car friendly. Pushed it back 3m and it'll be muuuuch easier to smooth out the entrance. 4 loads of fill later and the pad's level, boxed & compacted ready for waterproofing layer & steel mesh, then concrete next week Pictures tell the story better
  10. matt99

    W58 into IS300

    For those interested, there are many different shifter housings for W box. You may find another shifter housing may place the shifter in a position where no cutting is required such as the rear housing from a Corona W55 or a Hilux W57. Just be aware that the output shaft bearing size OD between these may be different (58 and 55 are different, not sure about the others) so if you go to smash this out in your daily over a weekend just take that into account.
  11. Streetkarnage


    Keen to build a stupid VT600 later in the year. Photoshop of how i want it to look. Will ride like shit but looks cool hahaha
  12. wtosti

    W58 into IS300

    this is the only info I can find on a tripod w58 into the is300. I have mine in right now but I need to figure out what to do for the shifter situation
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