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    I built a 6x12x3 high from an old shed I picked up for nothing. Had 5 tilt up doors and a basic pedestrian door. I resheeted to look new. I rejigged the frame to fit a 5m roller door, bumped up the overall height by 200mm to fit over my block wall. I cut into my block a few meters and blocked it up as retaining. As for bench space, I built a bench that spanned the 6m depth of the shed. Hardly notice it's there if you want to pull a heap of cars in. If you have a choice, go at least 7m deep. The extra meter makes a big difference moving around when it's ful I'm also a big fan of skylights. One panel per 3m is great Progress pics
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    Was on old forum, same username. Robert, from Melb and i run Ciscokids we helped bring Tezuka to QLD matsuri many moons ago. Whats happen since then? well cant remember when the forum went down so i will just run off a list of things Got married 2017 Purchased more investments Left job that i bitched about on old forum, went back to a old place of work and i enjoy it. Had 1st child a month ago. And in the last 12 months have been focusing on getting all my un finished projects sorted in a way and i will create some build threads when i get the chance. ex Kidsheart/HKS JZX81 - becoming a grip car another JZX81 - getting hand me downs and becoming street/drift/R&D Car 2JZ ITB X32 Cressida - classic fun car Other unfinished projects Finish Tattoo Finish BMX build Go Hiking/Camping more Turn Ciscokids into something i enjoy as a hobby.
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    I have gone from a 2 1/2 car garage to a larger 3 1/2 with carport for 6. I have to say the bigger garage shits me because of lighting. The little one I installed the brightest downlights i could and had three rows of five and I miss that the most about my garage. The house I'm in at the moment is a temp house, so I don't want to go wasting money putting in lights and painting garage floor etc. but I have vast amounts of space now the thing I miss the most is good lighting.
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    Whoa, that makes it easy. Now to get home and see how bad mine is haha. Thanks mate
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    with rona coming to an end i made a quick edit for the boys to get them keen on driving again
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    if you are running power from the house, it would be best to run a water line also. tank water will piss you off and you wont have to dig another trench in the future
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    Just go as big as you can, hahaha I'm about to start sorting prices for a shed, I'm a little restricted as I don't have heaps of room, but I'm gonna get enough floor space for 4 corollas and that's livin. Will have a hoist and a big bench etc so won't be able to actually fit 4 corollas though.
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    Yeah we have a 6mx10m at my parents house and it's a ok size but my dad made the mistake of having 2 roller doors on a end not doors on the side. I think cars in side ways would feel like there is more space. It ends up being a pain in the arse as most the shed gets wasted when we have cars in and out and the sides lined with equipment. I did a skyline in there and had it parked in the middle of the whole shed so I could work comfortably around it. He had no shed for 3 months haha So if you can, go a little bigger and try to get roller doors on the long side These are some old pics, prob 2004 haha but as you can see if you are messy like my old man it makes it hard to move
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    Go 7x10 for more inside storage/move around the car room.
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    Just looked at another house right next door to the one we missed out on Cheaper & no garage, so can build my own. Putting offer in tomorrow once we've priced up what we'd need to do to get it up to our spec Need some inspiration so will start a garage thread....
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    Not so much a random spam thread but what's happening? What does your day look like? Was it cool? Was it shit? Was it different? #matsuriprep? #bcfprep? I bought a carton of pure blonde instead of my usual 30 pack of gold cans to please my father in law while we watched the first lions game back from covid shit. Recovering from my biggest MTB ride yesterday, feels good.
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    Bringing back something I found very useful from the old forum. Initially setup my car on the back of someone’s comment. Car: S13 Silvia Alignment Specs: Front: Castor: 7 degrees Camber: -5 either side Toe: 1mm out per side Rear: Camber: Left -3.4 right -3.1 Toe: 1mm in per side
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    Tauranga, more specifically Papamoa: The eastern coastline is sweet. West is meh due to black sand beaches from an eruption a few million years ago Fishing has become the official religion of NZ & the prime minister is driven around in a Club S C33 You should move here
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    I've been looking into the same sort of thing. But will probably just stay where I am forever haha Where abouts for you live now? I hear the fishing and stuff is great in NZ and there is bulk c33 laurels. 200w.webp
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    Son's 4th birthday on Saturday followed by a full day of prepping the house for an open home next weekend The mrs has always wanted to go rural & I've wanted more garage space so we've kept an eye on the market over the past year. Then lockdown hit & working from home was the new norm so we could widen the search. Next interest rates tanked so we could bump our budget and found a 1.5 hectare place 20min up the coast the day after it was listed that fit the bill. Got to sell our place first tho
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    Lots of variables like height / grip / knuckle / type of driving and of course, personal preference. I run around Front: Castor: 6.4 degrees Camber: -7.7 Toe: 1-3mm out per side Rear: Camber: -0.8 Toe: 0 Slightly longer traction arm to help with camber and toe curve on compression etc. This is on a drift only car but I like to try and drive places fast. Mostly banked corners. Car is at a height where from front LCA is over level and rear is almost flat. 235 and 265 rubber ~ 200kw.
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    yeah good man!!! when you move up, cigweld do a good single phase mig/tig/stick. Most tool shops have it on special for $580 or something, thats what I got it for!
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    Just a cheap gumtree gas mig. Good enough to learn the basics.and if I enjoy it I'll look at moving up to a better mig/Tig unit.
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    Hey guys, Put the little one down and have a few mins for a quick update so last weekend the firewall was chopped up as the M177 is a super compact V8 the turbos run in the center of the V which can be a real challenge when putting into anything other than a C63. the boys at full noise sorta went to town and redid the firewall over the saturday and mounted the engine/gearbox. Don't mind the mess, ive been super rusty contemplating a forbie career at Marulan. The idea is that the down pipes will run into a 4inch collector and down the one side under the car before breaking back into a Y dual rear exit, I've always been a big fan of two or 4 tips exiting the center of the rear of the car. So hoping to make that look good and sound good. After this the cross member was customised to move the rack and not have to utilise the wisefab offset rack spacers as well as make sure the sump was clearing. The mounts were made and the engine went back in. The rack internals are being gutted to run a full electric rack as i had loads of issues around s15 standard racks and the astra pump so we decided to go with something a bit more modern. I believe the full noise team will be focusing a bit of time around painting the cross member and tidying up the undercarriage this weekend and the exhaust will be worked on ideally finished over this Saturday. The FC will be on hiatus this week. Its sort of a slow burn project. Always loved these things as my grandpa had one when we were kids. I had in mind to build this one as a backup car for me over the next couple of years. Being a complicated build and expensive one when the s15 goes wrong its not always simple to get it back up and running. That and I had in mind if my son finds he likes driving I wanted to give it to him as well as be able to build it together as he gets a bit older. That said I've collected most of the parts already just will need to find time to do work on it. Anywho thanks for reading and to the fellas above appreciate the positive feedback :) very different to the old ns.com days!
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    that's fucking weird
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    Damn this is cool, SR20 the world
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    Dumb ideas lead to dumb choices. Bought a 2014 F80 m3 to go drifting again. After 5 years without a car I thought why not, just didn't know how I wanted to go about it. Gumtree can be our best friend and worst nightmare, a couple of weeks later this thing popped up in Sydney. No keys, front bar and passenger head light was smashed. Negotiated a deal, flew to Sydney got there and the guy wanted to negotiate. Got back in the car pissed and started to drive home. He called me and said to come back based on the original agreement with a few small terms. Sure enough I bought what was going to be a "CHEAP" drift car to have fun in. 2 weeks later the fun began. Cleaned out Buckna from Simply Tuning of all his F80 items - intakes. downpipes, fancy exhaust, tune bunch of cool carbon gear and Work D9r's. slapped in a set of BC's to see what would happen and how it would drive. Found a set of rear M3 calipers and a spare diff. pulled the known working diff out and locked the spare diff. This was horrible idea and will be swapping back when I get time. There was a push for December all day event. got the twin caliper and hydro set up, borrowed a set of brides and slapped it all together off for a tune. This is where shit it the fan. Not knowing the full history of the car. I took it to my work(work for BMW) for a service and check over, car seemed great which any issues. Dropped it to get tuned on the 4th of December and well fuck, the phone call no one ever wants. Lunched an engine on the dyno! Why, well after disassembly, every bearing in the bottom end was completely ruined, and the engine has been ran hot at some point. So back to buying it initially, I have made the assumption, the car has been stolen and recovered from a crash as it has police tape in the car. This isnt confirmed but makes sense. Damage report was a complete engine rebuild with a brand new crank as it actually bent under when it seized 2 rods and a shit load of headaches. With 14 days to All Day Bash, nothing was going to stop me unless freight did. Air freighted a crank from Germany and was here in 3 days! Buckna is a hero in disguise. Had 2 rods and a full set of bearing on the shelf. Got to to work, slapped it back together and was ready the day before. Made it to All Day Bash only for the car to under perform horribly. Did the morning part as more so a run in on the new engine and called it a day. Dropped it to Simply Tuning and said just fix it. I missed 2 O-Rings in and the hose clamp for the intake elbow had fallen off. With it all sorted, it was used as a shop car for the next couple of weeks while I was O/S came back and jumped into Autumn Matsuri. While O/S I picked up a set of LCI tail lights and brought them back across the globe in carry on which is kinder cool. Had to work on Saturday but made it out Saturday night and all day Sunday. By far THE ABSOLUTE BEST car I have ever owned to throw around a race track. Having a damn good audio system and AC at QR is amazing. The best day I've ever had in a car. Killed it again at 3pm on Sunday with more fancy technology parts failing but easy fix over the next couple of weeks. So here we are, ready for when the tracks open back up. Over the next couple of months, I want to get rear adjustable arms to sort out the camber and a few small error messages on the dash board as it's like a Christmas tree. Bought some carbon Kevlar Recaros for what was my other car and will put them in. The car is on 19's and had 18's for matsuri but now going to build/buy 19's as it drove so much better with a 265/30 on the rear.
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    Always enjoy Blondes, used to be all I drank, then they went through a stage were it was like two beers in every carton had a dud lid and they tasted rank so got the shits with them. These days I'm more just about value and longevity, a 30 pack of mids just makes more sense while I'm sitting around the house. I'm that much of a grub these days I'll even drink the warm ones until they get cold. I'm a disgrace.
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    Yeah it’s an ok movie, think they shoulda stopped at 1 though
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