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    Well, Ive been training, training and training hard and riding with loads of my mates (pros/Been riding For years etc) as I wanted to race this years qld enduro series With them. Unfortunatly I drew the luck of the short straw. The day before the first round was to be held at boomers. I just so happen to wreck my shit, mate infront of me scrubbed the jump and put a rock clean into my line (easy 20-30ft double-high speed) I hit it just from following too closely and lack of reaction time, ended up going Through the air doing a front flip but also parallel to the ground landed pretty badly on the side of my face and rolling a few times and stopped on a tree. We originally planned on just having a chill day cause we knew we were all racing the next day So Ppe was minimal (literally just a helmet). That didn’t happen as a few others were there and the vibes were stoked. got knocked out for 7-10 seconds, when I came to it I ended up staying where I was laying down as I could feel pins and needles on the inside of my legs and I was winded badly. My mates diverted everyone pretty quickly thanks to being a busy trail on weekends. I couldn’t move my right arm or wiggle my toes and felt like I had no strength. Ended up getting ambos to hospital. Straight away got the neck brace on and they tied me to a stretcher. So got to the hospital and to keep it short I ended up with a broken eye socket, busted ear drum, broken right scapula, dislocated right shoulder, 4 broken ribs on my RH back side, L4 bone contusion and an L5 fracture. A lot of pinched nerves through my pelvic region. A lot, and I mean a lot of deep bruising on my body aswell as a lot of skin off everywhere and a nasty laceration on my leg. Got 14 stitches and had them taken out after 14 days, but due to the nature of the where the cut is 2 days later attempting to drive pushing the clutch in I tore it open again so back to square one. Unfortunatly I have no photos of anything because of covid no one was allowed in the emergency with me. It sucks, it truly does but these things take time to heal and tbh you gotta have a big dig to realise where you are mentally and physically. Been a rough few weeks but the future is looking bright and I’m on the mend. I’m itching to get back out there I miss it. But anywho, finally went tubeless and went to DH spec tyres. Wanted to try something different, hopefully the heavier Tyre will help with chatter in gravel situations.
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    +1 for all these shops. Pushys usually is unbeatable for price, if you can't find what you need, try the others mentioned. My local Giant looks after me really well too after spending a stack on my pushy. Usually helps getting to know your local shops manager too, mine turned out to be a mad dog so that was a bonus. Iphone pic of my bike for boredom's sake
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    I bought mine for a bit of fun and riding to and from work but now I'm starting to see how addictive and expensive this hobby can become haha Here's my basic rig, done a good 100km so far and it hasn't killed me and now I've started looking at stuff you can buy
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    Picked mine up today, got new chain, cassette and BB put on. It used to try eat the derailleur if I tried for the big ring which sucked. Keen to see how much nicer it is to ride. I'm hoping I can get a Tewantin camping/riding trip in next year. Looks like a cool set of trails.
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    Yo, I've got a fixie and/or dually mountain bike if anyone is down for bike hangs around Tewantin/Noosa area. Happy to show anyone around ✌️
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    I suppose here in QLD it is common to have a modplate for some things, such as 2 seats instead of 4 etc. But I've heard of people getting everything including coilovers done. That is my intention, even though I probably won't drive the car that much. Part of that plan will be to change to an AGI cage, remove tint and do a big tidy up.
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    Might be dependent on state (NSW here) but I've got a mate with an S14 with fibreglass overs front and rear, 5 stud 17/18 stagger, fixed back, 300kw SR20DET - essentially every mod under the sun. The car has previously been red-labelled and since then he's obviously gotten it fixed. When he got it back on the road he decided to get every mod he could engineered so as to never face that problem again. Unfortunately I can't remember what exactly he has engineered on the car. It just so happened that about 6 months after he got the car back on the road, he got pulled over when grabbing me one day. Clocked at 15 over I think and on full pelt when the HWP officer saw him. He produced the engineer's cert when pulled over and he got let off with a yellow label for the exhaust as he blew some smoke when he got on boost - I couldn't believe it as we pulled away from the curb. Now had that happened with an un-engineered car, I daresay he would have gotten red labelled again - maybe he passed the attitude check, I'm not sure but I definitely think it's a wise thing to do if you intend to drive your car to events or you enjoy driving your car every now and then on the weekend or something. I intend on getting both my cars engineered when the time comes.
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    Jesus! Hope you heal up well, that sounds fucking horrible. I haven't been to boomers yet but a mate goes most weeks and is at me to go. I'm useless at jumping so keen to get there and get some progression in. First ride on new tyres yesterday (dhf/dhr combo) and it felt like a new bike. My old tyres came on the bike and were sooooo fucked but I didn't really know any difference. Braking performance was the first thing I noticed, then in other bits I was waaaaay inside on stuff because the old tyres would've just washed me wide. Going to take a few rides to get used to but so much better. Bought shit to go tubeless too so I'll do that one weekend. Missus is on maternity leave now so don't have to be done in time to pick the young bloke up, should average about 60kms a week now.
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    On the topic of gumbyness.... In my defence it was my first time on this trail. Confidence grew until it quickly exceeded talent. 27.5 front sus GT. That thing was a heavy pig but it took a beating Pics of the replacement previously mentioned. Male model is more proud of it than i am
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    Pushys and my direct for local stuff. There's bikebug, cyclingdeal and the bicycle store too but pushys is in brissie, can have things next day sometimes. Biggest one is Wiggle/Chain Reaction Cycles but they're UK so depends what you're after and how patient you are. I got a dropper post from wiggle the other month and only took a week still.
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    Yeah got back on monday 🙂 at the Hilton in syd for 2 weeks and then back to QLD. Best thing about being stuck in thailand is it's cheap hahaha I took money from my super but yeah couldn't apply for gov payments due to being out of the the country.
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    Problems sorted, car still had the factory cat temp sensor plugged in. Light was lit on dash with old ecu as well so thought nothing of it. As soon as we unplugged it light gone, and limp mode fixed. Haven’t come across that one before hahha.
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    Thanks man. WIll give this a go!
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    V1 from ~10 years ago. Made cardboard templates then transferred to alloy sheet. Protruded out into the front bumper Made a decent difference. Dropping open road cruising temp ~5deg and slowed them increasing on track V2 after V1 copped a few hits, with extended side panels
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    So I went and bought a new bike. Ended up with a specialized rockhopper sport. Basically a 29in hardtail with hydralic discbrakes so hopefully its a decent start point. I got lucky and found a local store had one of the last in stock and its a awesome bike to ride but the step up in wheel size has increased my gumbyness. Should be easy to get used to though. Keen for heaps more riding and trying to get some consistency to some long distance wheelies/manuals
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    I'm not super fit but I'm running out of daylight before I'm running out of legs at the moment I've been really enjoying it. Fresh air birds chirping. Happy to show you my favourite loops. The two main downhill areas of parklands are getting a tidy up at the moment. I haven't had a look at updates but the times are annoying top peeps are always on ebikes anyways makes it pointless trying to beat them or get up top. I still try on the downhill stuff.
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    Does drinking count?
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    Yeah it’s an ok movie, think they shoulda stopped at 1 though
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