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    So work has been good and Ive got a new shop so moving to the GC. Buying a house and looking at getting one with a shed or building a shed on an existing property. Ideally i'd like a 7x10 with 2 roller doors on the long side and a workshop area. Hoist in the middle and room for another vehicle on the side. Talk to the realestate on Monday so wish me luck!
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    In September NZ changed the rules on what sheds/garages don't need council consent, and single story lean-to pole sheds in rural areas are included. Soooooooo 4m - 3.4m stud, 6m span, 3x bays at 3.6m per bay. Fully enclosed with 3x roller doors Getting it priced up at the mo. I've gone ham on Sketchup tho
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