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    For the guys on a budget Year/Make/Model: BA falcon💪Drive: . RWDMotor: . Gods motor 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏Transmission: . BTRFuel: . unleaded Towing Capacity: . 2200kgTowing Modifications: . none, but i would recommend rear bags and a trans coolerPros: . fucking falcon bruvCons: . fucking falcon bruvRough price: . $1-2kComments: . house mate bought this for 1k, literally towed his s15 to HWH and back 2 days later, probs done 40+ tows since he owned it and its been fucking mint, a/c blasting. If you could find a BF with the 6 speed auto that would be the only upgrade. For sub 3k (inc air shocks and trans cooler) legit best CHEAP tow car.
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