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    Don't post without a picture (Post will be deleted if it doesn't have a picture)
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    Did the trip to mikawa last year to check out 32 day. Was a super fun track!
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    Missed you all. Haven't missed much on my side though lol: - haven't drifted in 5 years - new job, still sucks - moved in with Sarah's Dad for 2 years and finally bought a house last November. Thankfully not a place desperate for Reno's (fuck knows how any of you have motivation for that shit) - headaches are still an issue - bought Mitchys/Kumar's old E46 last year for budget skids. Got a few things I'll be doing the next month to it so hopefully do a burnie soon enough. Turns out even with my own nice roomy garage I still hate working on cars - lots of Xbox and trying to make beats (which I still suck at but 10,000 hour rule means I gotta get good one day!) Glad we're back!
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    Previously Butt0nup, Now i live in the UK. Give a follow for Drifting and other motorsport shots in the future. https://www.instagram.com/_r_e_d_l_i_n_e_r_/
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    I built a 6x12x3 high from an old shed I picked up for nothing. Had 5 tilt up doors and a basic pedestrian door. I resheeted to look new. I rejigged the frame to fit a 5m roller door, bumped up the overall height by 200mm to fit over my block wall. I cut into my block a few meters and blocked it up as retaining. As for bench space, I built a bench that spanned the 6m depth of the shed. Hardly notice it's there if you want to pull a heap of cars in. If you have a choice, go at least 7m deep. The extra meter makes a big difference moving around when it's ful I'm also a big fan of skylights. One panel per 3m is great Progress pics
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    What hobbies are people into ! everyone should atleast try and get into some sort of hobby, ive found it great to help me relax and calm me down! been doing 1/24 scale car models for about 4 years now, this is one I have going on atm, will get some more photos of other stuff tomorrow
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    I got a ‘94 Honda Cr250r restored last year bringing it back to its former glory! have wanted one of these since I Could remember as the old man had a ‘93 cr500 and sitting in front of the tv watching crusty demons of dirt on repeat!😂
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    We had our second baby on Monday. Baby boy named Jack, birth was straight forward enough, missus had a couple of complications after but she's on the mend. I'm on two weeks leave, we already have a 3 and a halfish year old boy, he loves the baby luckily, calls it his, but it's already hectic enough how much it has rattled his routine. He's an awesome kid but he's been pushing me this week, today was mental. Bought a fish finder to chuck on the kayak. Somehow need to find time to fish and ride push bikes while maintaining a marriage, a three year old and a fresh one. Should be fun. Mangrove jack season his about to fire, is there enough interest here for a fishing thread or will it just be Joey with 1200 bream and me with nothing?
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    I remember from the last forum there was a few writers on here. I don't really paint anymore haha but it used to be life 😂 the last piece i did was in bali at the end of 2017 or 2018? I think anyway hahaha
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    This is where we post content for the Taylor Swift Appreciation club??
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    Does drinking count?
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    Sold out bought a house, started buying new fancy cars, gave one to my friend, hit the inner city by pass wall thinking he was DK, got a new one, sold it, popped the question to the misso, blew my wedding fund on a new drift car and bought back the car i sold to start it all. last 5 years have been great BUT they will never be as good as OG SD at Irish Murphys for Wreck Em' nights!
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    are they generally thought of as being terribly obnoxious and owned by idiots? if so, you nailed it! hello from america. i got lost and somehow ended up here 🤷‍♂️
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    Done this swap in my 03 AUDM IS300 the other day with the help of some friends. Did the write up on the www.prime-excel.style site but also putting the info I have here. All up the swap cost about $2.5k for me but I also had some fluids, bolts, shifter and a welder so I would expect $3k if you had to buy everything. The parts and tools list: Clutch and brake pedal from an IS200 Master Cylinder and hard and soft lines from IS200, Soft line and slave if you can get it otherwise the w58 slave is the same W58 Remote shifter (aka Tripod Mount), mine was from a MK4 NA Supra NA 2JZ Single Mass flywheel from MK4 Supra New Flywheel and clutch pressure plate bolts ARP JZ flywheel bolts sku 203-2802 2.5L gear oil 75-90w GL5 (Penrite ProGear is what i used) Clutch Kit including clutch and pressure plate release bearing spigot bearing, auto and manual cranks are the same so spigot goes straight in alignment tool (optional but makes life easier and normally included) Brake fluid for clutch 1 bottle small should be fine Loctite high strength for flywheel bolts Loctite medium strength for clutch and driveshaft bolts Manual leather Shifter Boot from IS200 Supra W58 rubber transmission mount W58 slip yoke or the supra driveshaft to cut it off 30mm hole saw to drill hole for master cylinder 3mm pilot bit and 8mm drill bit for master cylinder stud holes Access to a welder, having it with you makes test fitting the shifter much easier. Soldering iron or crimp terminals to join some wires Things requiring modifying or making Custom driveshaft I reused my rear section and had a new front section made 744mm from the gearbox seal to the center carrier bolts Soft Clutch line if you didn’t get the oem one, These are the Aeroflow fittings I used. AF204-03 m10x1.0 to -3an hose AF351-03 m10x1.0 male to -3an male AF201-03 -3an female to -3an hose 200 series line teflon coat -3an 1metre minimum quantity Transmission tunnel has to be cut and sealed Shifter to modify needs to be moved about 60mm forward, I cut up one from my old car Modify the auto is300 trans cross member or make a new one Bridge Neutral switch on auto harness Wire up reverse wires Optional Flywheel inspection plug, they tend to explode after living under the car for 17 years. Toyota part no. 90950-01809 on amayama Fluid Pump bottle, makes filling the trans a breeze Rear main seal, may as well with the box off Auto Removal First things first getting the A650e out. It’s pretty straight forward. Drain the oil, 14mm sump plug Remove the driveshaft, can be done with the exhaust in but its easier to do it with them out. Two 14mm spanners or a spanner and a rattle gun. The center bearing are also 14mm, if you drop this first you can get a 14mm socket on the driveshaft bolts in the center. Remove the heat exchanger hardlines. Undo the lines on the auto sump and remove the soft lines on the exchanger. I left the coolant lines on and heat exhanger mounted. If you're removing the headers this will be easier. Remove the auto shifter. The center console and shifter surround have to come out for this. Then remove the 4 bolts holding the shifter and the linkage under the car. Remove the auto harness plugs that you can reach, some will be easier when you drop the auto box Undo the torque converter flex plate bolts. Remove the inspection plug, these explode so best have a spare or just some tape for now, then undo each bolt on the flex plate. Spin the engine over with a 22mm socket on the harmonic balancer. Remove battery to take the starter out safely. Remove the auto dip stick. There’s a 10mm bolt on the underside of the intake manifold and a clamp further down and then you should be able to pull the top half of the tube out of the bottom half that runs into the sump. Remove Starter motor, two 14mm bolts plus the battery cable and signal. Undo the gearbox bell housing bolts, 14mm and 17mm. There will be two long 14mm bolts on the starter motor. We found the best way to do this is support the auto trans with a jack and then undo the crossmember and lower the trans to access the top 17mm bolts. Use lots of extensions and a decent ratchet. I had the ratchet above the output shaft on the gearbox to crack them before I could use the rattle gun. Make sure you support the gearbox with a jack or two here as once the torque converter comes out of the crank it will come straight down and out. Remove the rest of the harness plugs if you haven’t already and the gearbox should be completely free. Install Pedals and Master Cyl I did this the weekend before the swap to make life easier. The brake pedal mounts with a pivot and a bolt at the top. Don’t lose the plastic inserts for the top. The clutch pedal uses a M8 STD thread for the top and then the two threads from the master cylinder through the firewall which are also M8 STD. Inside the cabin there will be a cut out in the foam where the pedal/master sits. The master cylinder from a manual IS200 uses a 30mm hole for the rod to pass through. I estimated where I wanted it and marked the stud holes then I used a 30mm holesaw to drill the center. I used a file to adjust and cleanup the hole as I needed. Two people would make putting the pedal in a piece of cake or you can fuck around like I did for an hour trying to get the studs and the pedal to line up. One thing to note I found that it was pretty much impossible to feed the hardline down with the auto in the way. It clips into the clips with the other hardlines that run along the top of the firewall. We installed mine with the box out and the motor tilted on a jack. Install Flywheel and Clutch Remove the auto flex plate and spacers if you haven't already, if you don’t have a rattle gun have a 2nd person hold the harmonic balancer or put a long breaker bar on it so it jams against the floor. Inspect the rear main seal and replace if you need to. I had suspected mine was leaking for a while so I got a new one for $25 to do while I had it all off. To install the spigot find a socket that is that is the same size as the outer race and use a hammer to tap it in till it seats against the step inside the crank, you’ll hear when it seats as the sound will change. I had a local shop machine my flywheel for me it only ran me $55 and was done within the day. I also picked up new ARP flywheel bolts, these are used for 4AGE engines as well as the 1JZ and 2JZ. The kit comes with instructions and their moly fastener lube. It is recommended to put high strength loctite on the threads and a smear of the fastener lube under the head of the bolt. I ran them in with the torque mode on my rattle gun in an alternating pattern then torqued them to 70ftlb as per the ARP instructions. I couldn’t get new clutch pressure plate bolts so I re used the old ones with a dab of medium strength loctite, I torqued these down by hand in alternating pattern slowly to bring it down equally on the clutch disc to 25ftlb. Good time to make sure you installed the friction disc the correct way as well. Install Gearbox Before the gearbox goes in is also a good time to run the hardline down the firewall behind the engine. Having two people made this easier to guide it down as the hooked section at the end can be a pain. To get the gearbox in I removed the headers to clear the bellhousing and left the slave cylinder off. Removing the headers is basically impossible unless you take the heat shields off the cats and remove the uni joints on the steering column, but I had a set of decatted headers I wanted to install anyway so we took the time to remove them. Having two jacks makes this part a lot easier, jack up the front of the engine, we used a piece of wood under the engine in front of the sump just behind the harmonic balancer on the block to angle the motor down at the back. Use another jack under the W58 to lift it up. Line it all up and wiggle it once its almost all the way in to make sure the input shaft seats into the spigot. If you can't get it to seat into the spigot make sure the gap is pretty equal the whole way around and use the bolts to slowly pull it in equally. Cut tunnel, Modify shifter and crossmember, install slave clyinder Cut the transmission tunnel so the tripod mount of the shifter can swing all the way up without hitting anything. The cleanest way I've seen to seal this is to have the manual is200 tunnel welded in so you can keep the oem rubber boot. The auto is300 trans cross member should only be a few mm out from the original holes with the W58 rubber mount. I used a round file to oval out the holes enough so you could put the bolts back in and mount the trans up. Once the W58 is mounted where it will sit you can put the shifter back in the car to see how far you need to modify it. You can put the shifter surround in as a guide. It needs to be moved about 60mm forward but I had a dogleg shifter to cut up so I made a leg to suit. I tack welded the shfiter to make sure i was happy and make sure I wasn't going to be punching the dashboard. If you haven't already you can put the slave cylinder in and build the soft line if required. Wire harness I didn’t have much to do with this part but the information was found pretty easily on the forums with a quick search. https://www.my.is/threads/diy-auto-to-manual-wiring-reverse-lights-speedometer.443995/ https://www.my.is/threads/is300-manual-swap-stepbystep-instructions-ft-w58.558377/?fbclid=IwAR1uubzzKMA-iPkBG6A2nu-Nx5nRZjd1v_CEvnQCaoLdzI2Qs5rLWWhJwFE There are two large plugs on the a650e auto loom. One of them is a 9 pin connector with two larger plugs as seen they are red in colour with black wires coming out of the connector. These need to be bridged to each to allow the starter to crank. The red wires with the blue from the same plug need to be joined to the reverse switch on the transmission as seen on in the pictures below. I used bullet connectors on mine but solder and heatshrink is much neater. Custom Driveshaft As far as I know there are no existing driveshafts that will bolt up. You can reuse your old rear section but will need to have a new front or entire custom driveshaft fabricated. I went to a local shop with both my old driveshafts and the front section with the W58 slip yoke from the supra. He got me to measure the from the seal to the center carrier bolts which for me was 744mm. This may vary but I used my mates to test which was measured at 739mm and it worked fine, feel free to use my measurement as a guide but best to measure your own once the box is in. Also important to take the rear section as well so they can balance it as one piece. I was lucky enough to get mine back within 1 day but shops may differ and if you opt to get a stronger 1 piece. It cost me $500 from South Coast Driveshafts in Port Kembla as they had to retube the entire front section because it is longer than both the IS300 auto and supra manual shaft. Install the same way you took it out pretty straightforward, don't forget a touch of medium strength loctite. Cleaning up and test drive, Happy days Top up the oil in the transmission and grab a friend to help bleed the clutch and you should be good for a lap around the block. I threw the center console back in just to make sure it all fit and took it for a lap around the block. Staying with the auto ecu you will get a CEL but it shouldn't affect driving at all, TRC and VSC will be retained if you had those before.
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    Do a bit of research into tommyfyeah before saying he has his head screwed on. Has scammed his fair share of people.
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    Jag's brother Sak might be able to help https://www.instagram.com/afterhours_wheel_works/
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    I'm not super fit but I'm running out of daylight before I'm running out of legs at the moment I've been really enjoying it. Fresh air birds chirping. Happy to show you my favourite loops. The two main downhill areas of parklands are getting a tidy up at the moment. I haven't had a look at updates but the times are annoying top peeps are always on ebikes anyways makes it pointless trying to beat them or get up top. I still try on the downhill stuff.
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    That's cool! This is how my Ironhead sits. Needs money spent next and I haven't got any.
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    to be honest, i was missing build threads and seeing peoples progress. speedhunters is boring and there isn't much else!
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    that's fucking weird
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    i collect skateboards. here is a few, have plenty more in boxes somewhere haha
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    You talking about BMWs? hahaha
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    I don't know if I've done a single thing to the laurel. It's in Bundy now, don't know when it's getting any action but at least I don't have to look at it. Old boss told me he had a meeting about a job but turned out to be his sentencing hearing for kidnporn stuff so that was shit. Build switchboards in Yatala now. Got married, young fella just turned three, got another boy due September. Still BCF as much as possible but got into mountain bikes so do that a few times a week.
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    Sup Since OLD SD died, im pretty sure hadn't even started death clique, that's been crazy, started uni, finished uni, had a baby, full time self employed, moved to sunshine coast. Car wise, think it was like, had ae86 rebuilt and painted, sold it, bought another ae86, built KE70, sold ke70, built jzx90, parted jzx90, built ae86 again, broke ae86, bought s13, fixing ae86, and heaps and heaps of track days in betweeen.
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    Is everyone still about that BCF lyf?
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    I'd clocked off. My life was over. Eyes welled with tears every time I looked at the SD stickers on my car. Hello friends.
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    Yo, I've got a fixie and/or dually mountain bike if anyone is down for bike hangs around Tewantin/Noosa area. Happy to show anyone around ✌️
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    Because i cant be the only one that likes wasting money on silly toys that don't get used. Pretty much only play Assetto Corsa, steam id iTsJIMMY2u Fanatec club sport gear running Oculus Rift,
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    Agreed. Probably the most cocky piece of shit of all the big car YouTubers. Cannot stand him
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    im thinking about buying a set of these https://www.tyroola.com.au/hankook-ventus-rs4-z232-19550r15-86v-ty5978497504.html or these https://www.tyroola.com.au/bridgestone-potenza-adrenalin-re003-19550r15-82w-ty58f9a3a21a.html keen to see how the hankooky go.
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    Have a handful of SR’s (80’s models, not late 90’s) as well. Rebuilding a stock one for the missus and a little city jammer to get around on until The right shovel or pan comes along. Got some parts bikes if you need anything!
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