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    Year/Make/Model: 1998 Lexus LX470Drive: AWDMotor: 2uzTransmission: 4spd AutoFuel: GasolineTowing Capacity: Enough to partyTowing Modifications: NonePros: Factory transmission cooler, reliable, comfortableCons: Expensive, factory AHC tends to go out if you drive it into a pond 😅 Rough price: $12k-18k USD? Not exactly sure. Traded my Nissan truck for this one about 10 years agoComments: Even with a 3" lift , 35" tires, 256k miles on the clock (and original motor), and taking a regular flogging on the trail it still tows like a champ. Seems crazy to me the tiny vehicles you guys use to tow your drift cars, but I suppose Americans do tend to do things a bit overkill haha
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