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  1. if you are running power from the house, it would be best to run a water line also. tank water will piss you off and you wont have to dig another trench in the future
  2. secretdrift


    pm me pics plz
  3. been cranking a bit of h2o and agnostic front
  4. you painting it original colour? keep the dog pics coming
  5. to be honest, i was missing build threads and seeing peoples progress. speedhunters is boring and there isn't much else!
  6. secretdrift


    i collect skateboards. here is a few, have plenty more in boxes somewhere haha
  7. a lot of people a regretting selling up. heaps more builds happening!
  8. Keen to see the k24 motor progress. What job you have lined up in Aus?
  9. Been watching you build this, looks sure cool!
  10. Fuck this is cool! Please keep posting more progress pics!
  11. Next was the motor. Was offered a cheap 2jz which I couldn't pass up so I sold the running gear out of the crown and started again.. Gearbox is a gm t56 with a dcs twin plate and leeson engineering adaptor kit and b&m shifter fabbed up a neat little crossmember and also for a mate with a jzx110 (same mounting position as jzx100 also) plonk had dave from jpp install a set of 272⁰ cams, titanium valve guides and new springs. also picked up a neat rebuilt turbo which should sound cool...
  12. Made a quick mould of my flare ends to extend to the skirt as I wanted the skirts to step out a bit instead of the flares taper off and look weird. Also handy if I wreck a bumper and need to replace may write up a quick d.i.y on moulding shit when I can be bothered
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