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  1. Got given a Ultra racing floor brace from one of the guys at Racing , chucked her in for extra wank factor. 

    Got some form of sliding low rail , had to do a fair bit of modifying to get the seat to sit as low as I wanted but she's in and feels spot on especially with the Nardi wheel. 

    Drop it off this weekend for a full 2.5" stainless exhaust with 1 rear muffler.

    Hopefully in the next month or so it's getting paint and panel done , going the original burnt orange colour , with 2 tone bumpers (orange top section , black lower) 

    Other planned upgrades will be a stronger diff / axels  (depending how the S series goes)  and once this standard clutch shits the bed, some form of sprung centre 5 puk clutch. 

    But massively keen to go tip her in at a morning session! 



  2. Picked up the following parts over the next year or so *with racing stealing fucking alllll my spare money this was hard!* 


     4AGE Bigport off Rob Edds  (seriously can't thank dude enough his knowledge on toyota shit is great) 

    Cusco front coil overs

    Ajps rear adjustable spring perches / springs 

    Rear koni yellows

    3:9 weldy in the S series housing

    TRD wang 

    Copy vertex front bumper 

    NICEVIBE private club steering arms

    Fitted my old school carbon bride halo seat 






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  3. Long time listener first time caller.

    Formally Neesaan1via 


    Sold my NA pink sil80 , threw some money into my dad's Rx7 improved production race car and started circuit racing.  Managed to crack 2nd in QLD for under 3000cc improved production .  Is super Fucking fun , but also fairly serious with alot of rules and bullshit that comes along with CAMS.  FB_IMG_1495405222359.thumb.jpg.c375d8e93cb1b935c8519f8b2315759d.jpg



    Specs on the rx7 for those who like grip stuff 

    13B NA quad throttle (275hp at wheels)

    6 piston A.P brakes

    6 speed Hollinger dog box 

    6" A.P triple plate clutch 

    Hilux rear end with full floating axels / adjustable rear camber 

    Custom coil overs/ mca gold series 

    All the other fruit race cars have etc.



    Got the itch to have a fun do it all car ( drift / grip / streetcar)

    So bought a fairly stock Toyota sprinter AE86 . 

    Not much rust for a sprinter 

    4ac boat anchor 

    Full interior 




    Good base for a fun streetcar build. 

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