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  1. Kyal

    Pics of the Day

    with rona coming to an end i made a quick edit for the boys to get them keen on driving again
  2. Kyal

    What's happening?

    Spent the day being a degen and playing league. big day in the shed tomorrow though.
  3. Te981 off a u13 bluebird for the tie rod end
  4. Part number is re1050 is what you are thinking of for the rack end.
  5. Kyal

    Sim talk

    Played on my housemates basic rig enough decided to go get my own today. Super basic like his. Works great. V happy.
  6. Kyal

    YouTube channels

    If you haven't watched already try the channel 'the proper people'. They have explored some seriously cool abandoned stuff.
  7. Kyal

    Pics of the Day

    Had a bucket list car in my shed today. Exact colour I want too. Pitty I can't keep it.
  8. Kyal

    YouTube channels

    Do a bit of research into tommyfyeah before saying he has his head screwed on. Has scammed his fair share of people.
  9. Kyal

    Wheel machining

    Sweet! Thanks!
  10. Kyal

    Wheel machining

    Henlo Does anyone in Brisbane on here do machining? I need to get the bore size made bigger on a pair of my wheels cause I don't want to run spacers.
  11. Kyal


    man i want a show piece like this or my lounge room
  12. Kyal

    Pics of the Day

    Gave that but chrome paint ago today. Works ok, not a mirror but better than that Nardi grey. Internet says you can polish it too to make it better, either way I'm happy they arnt nardo grey anymore
  13. Kyal


    Just a cheap gumtree gas mig. Good enough to learn the basics.and if I enjoy it I'll look at moving up to a better mig/Tig unit.
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