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Everything posted by Kyal

  1. Kyal

    Tow Cars

    For the guys on a budget Year/Make/Model: BA falcon💪Drive: . RWDMotor: . Gods motor 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏Transmission: . BTRFuel: . unleaded Towing Capacity: . 2200kgTowing Modifications: . none, but i would recommend rear bags and a trans coolerPros: . fucking falcon bruvCons: . fucking falcon bruvRough price: . $1-2kComments: . house mate bought this for 1k, literally towed his s15 to HWH and back 2 days later, probs done 40+ tows since he owned it and its been fucking mint, a/c blasting. If you could find a BF with the 6 speed auto that would be the only upgrade. For sub 3k (inc air shocks and trans cooler) legit best CHEAP tow car.
  2. Velo gp90 110% best seat for big and small. Drove my tall fat ass to Raleigh and back and my back felt better than a 20 min trip in my daily lmao.
  3. What size tyre do you want to run? 215 is going to require a different wheel than If you want to run a 265 9 +30 is pretty safe on rolled stock guards with a chunky tyre. 9 +15 with a stretched tyre.
  4. That was for fuel pump and NATS wasn't it? Aka wouldn't run at all untill you moved 2 pins on the ecu plug
  5. @Bendid some noice ones on his S13, he should have photos
  6. Kyal

    New account who dis?

    What's more scary is they didn't even want to see a photo or look at the car. Convo literally went 'what do you want it insured for' 'looking around 30' 'yeah done'
  7. Kyal

    New account who dis?

    They still go for about 1/3 the price of ae86's. My house mate just insured his for 30k. Let that sink in....
  8. Kyal

    New account who dis?

    I'm leaning towards a s chassis, want something snappy. Never drifted one but my housemates S15 is super fun even just as a passenger you can feel the mechanical grip the chassis has.
  9. Kyal

    New account who dis?

    Bought some stuff for it drove it a bit and realised it's not what I want driving wise so just gonna use it as a tow rig and get something a bit more suited for what I want from a drift car.
  10. Kyal

    New account who dis?

    hey andy let me buy it and ill do stuff with it
  11. Kyal

    New account who dis?

    Yeah Andy how is the Laurel going mate?
  12. Kyal

    Pics of the Day

    with rona coming to an end i made a quick edit for the boys to get them keen on driving again
  13. Kyal

    What's happening?

    Spent the day being a degen and playing league. big day in the shed tomorrow though.
  14. Te981 off a u13 bluebird for the tie rod end
  15. Part number is re1050 is what you are thinking of for the rack end.
  16. Kyal

    Sim talk

    Played on my housemates basic rig enough decided to go get my own today. Super basic like his. Works great. V happy.
  17. Kyal

    YouTube channels

    If you haven't watched already try the channel 'the proper people'. They have explored some seriously cool abandoned stuff.
  18. Kyal

    Pics of the Day

    Had a bucket list car in my shed today. Exact colour I want too. Pitty I can't keep it.
  19. Kyal

    YouTube channels

    Do a bit of research into tommyfyeah before saying he has his head screwed on. Has scammed his fair share of people.
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