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  1. Yeah we have a 6mx10m at my parents house and it's a ok size but my dad made the mistake of having 2 roller doors on a end not doors on the side. I think cars in side ways would feel like there is more space. It ends up being a pain in the arse as most the shed gets wasted when we have cars in and out and the sides lined with equipment. I did a skyline in there and had it parked in the middle of the whole shed so I could work comfortably around it. He had no shed for 3 months haha So if you can, go a little bigger and try to get roller doors on the long side These are some old pics, prob 2004 haha but as you can see if you are messy like my old man it makes it hard to move
  2. Joey

    What's happening?

    What's going on Everyone? Been a bit quiet on here. I haven't done much car related stuff to my own cars. The pacer is back together again, but haven't fired it back up yet since it is jammed in the corner of the shed behind 4 cars and a boat. But that will come back out soon to take for a drive. Organised solar for my home finally, just need to wait for it to be fitted. Hopefully that stops those fuck heads constantly calling about if I want solar haha And plan to take the boat out and attempt to catch fish on the weekend. Keen
  3. Joey

    What's happening?

    That's a shame if it happens. But might all come good yet. And I was hoping NZ was cheap haha
  4. Joey

    What's happening?

    Its like heaven does exist How much is the new place you are moving to worth? Might buy next door
  5. Joey

    What's happening?

    I've been looking into the same sort of thing. But will probably just stay where I am forever haha Where abouts for you live now? I hear the fishing and stuff is great in NZ and there is bulk c33 laurels. 200w.webp
  6. Joey

    What's happening?

    I noticed the same problem with the blonde. But not bad otherwise. Beer is my summer time drink so normally I'm drinking bourbon
  7. Joey

    What's happening?

    How did you rate the blonde over the gold m8?
  8. Joey

    What's happening?

    I went bcfing last weekend and stayed down south ballina fishing and beach driving. Was a good time. Then thought yay 4 day week and got my carby stuff for the val and planned to do that this weekend. Friday morning rolls around and sister in law turns up with her 2013 pulsar that leaked all the coolant and she drove it until it drove no more. Sooo ended up working all day yesterday swapping the engine over after sorting one to replace it on Friday. Then it rained today. Can't wait until next weekend. I will plan some good stuff that will probably not happen as well. I think either drive around in the val or take the boat out
  9. Joey

    Pics of the Day

    When you specialise in subarus you see a whole new world.....
  10. Following to see what car is next
  11. Joey

    New account who dis?

    Build threads on forums are the only way to do it. And with the avatar I just did mine from my phone, just go to account/profile and then click upload on the little picture spot (top left corner of the spot you can put a profile picture thingo). Not sure if that makes sense but it Worked for me haha
  12. Joey

    Push Bikes

    I've got a free bike I got from work for buying 10 sets of bendix brake pads in one order, does that count??. It's garbage, no offset on the front forks makes it feel awkward to ride haha I've also got my old 80s mongoose motomag bmx bike sitting in the shed as well Once the border is open if you have that bike going I'm keen andy
  13. Wait, so people people have them because there the trend? So all those people aren't looking for teks?
  14. I just assumed people with te37s are just using them while trying to find the rare elusive chrome teks?
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