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  1. So the valiant is all going sweet, went to the shed today to clean it up a little and play around but my son decided he wanted to come so we just went driving haha. Not going to lie, it was way more fun.

    I've also stripped down the spare 265 motor, need to get some things machined and then get measurements for parts I need to order.

    I bought and fitted a new fishfinder to the boat, it works good, still can't catch a decent fish as it turns out, so money well spent I think, but can never pass up a day drinking on the boat.

    All in all everything is going good but real slow 

    Still want a laurel though... 




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  2. Yeah I just looked and they seem to still be out of stock online but some stores still have them in stock depending on spec and colours.

    If you ever come done this way you can take mine for a ride and see what you think first 

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  3. 2 hours ago, jay70 said:

    I would like new but I just found out how expensive dual suspension bikes are haha, probably just go a hard tail 


    how about a Merida big trail 200? Anything better for the price?

    That was the same type of thing I was looking at and ended up with a specialized rockhopper sport mainly because I got it for$800 from the local store. 


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  4. Thats how I imagined myself going on a regular ride when I went from 26in to 29in 😅😅



    Turns out magpie season started today. Same route to work and first time having a friend flying with me for a few blocks haha 

  5. I was looking at chopping that off haha. But I already want another set of wheels so I can have a spare set with smoother tyres for the rides to work as its mostly smooth apart from some short cuts through some parks and keep these for some trails.

    What shops do you guys use for buying parts?

  6. I bought mine for a bit of fun and riding to and from work but now I'm starting to see how addictive and expensive this hobby can become haha


    Here's my basic rig,  done a good 100km so far and it hasn't killed me and now I've started looking at stuff you can buy


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  7. So I went and bought a new bike. 

    Ended up with a specialized rockhopper sport. Basically a 29in hardtail with hydralic discbrakes so hopefully its a decent start point.

    I got lucky and found a local store had one of the last in stock and its a awesome bike to ride but the step up in wheel size has increased my gumbyness. Should be easy to get used to though.

    Keen for heaps more riding and trying to get some consistency to some long distance wheelies/manuals

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  8. 5 hours ago, Andrew said:

    Yeah any 29er hardtail will do. Can spend anything from $300 to the new limited run Yeti at a cool 15k for a fucking hardtail. Madness. 

    There's millions on gumtree, depends what you're after really. You might slowly get keen to do more riding if you get one you enjoy, just all depends on budget. Anything from the bigger brands is usually quality and often hardly used if buying second hand. 

    Yeah I'm going to say 15k is out of my budget haha. But up to probably 1k and I will be happy if I can get the stuff on one I want.


  9. Got a question for all you mtb dudes. I've been slowly getting obsessed with doing long wheelies and manuals lately and decided I've reached the limit of my free repco spec work nugget (only reach about 50m on the flat before my shit brakes become useless and my momentum gets too much). Now my problem is I grew up with bmx life so mtb are new to me.

    So its time I buy something half decent, I want it to be able to ride to work(15-20mins without being to uncomfortable) so Basically I'm thinking of going a hardtail 29er as they seem to be available in the styles and set-ups that seem to be OK to me. 

    But if any of you guys are good at this sort of stuff do you have any recommendations on things I should be looking for.

    Basically my current search is hydralic disc brakes and hardtail that looks like it could work  haha 

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  10. 4 hours ago, Kyal said:

    They still go for about 1/3 the price of ae86's. My house mate just insured his for 30k. Let that sink in....


    I don't even know how to respond to that 😃🥺😄🥺😄🥺😄🥺

    I remember buying ke70s from the abandoned car auctions and using them as paddock bashers and then dropping them off to the tip before I picked up another. Good 100k thrown away in today's money then

  11. 6 hours ago, Kyal said:

    Is this where I come to buy my Laurel 

    Its where you drop off any laurels you find

    9 hours ago, jay70 said:

    Shed, boat, valiant... sounds like a pretty good life tbh 

    Haha Well I'm not going to say I don't enjoy it. But imagine a laurel in there as well and maybe some photos.

    Annnd technically I don't have a shed. My boss has 3 so I just called dibs and started storing my stuff in one haha

  12. Nice 4door man. Reminds me of my old one, I ran basically the same setup and also had a no boost problem one track day haha (split the factory right angle joiner that goes through the body under the airbox)

  13. Valiant : So refitted the carby, goes good, makes noises. 

    Jeep: Fitted a snorkel, now I can feel like I at least tried if I drown it.

    Boat: replaced all steering gear on it as the old stuff was getting a little stiff, new cables, steering hub, wheel, tilt tube. Took it boating, caught fish, had lunch on it, was a good day. Slowly getting all the gear to head offshore on calm days

    Also Re shuffled the stuff in the shed so I can get the boat or valiant out with out moving stuff. 


    Whilst doing all this I took no photos.

    Fuck I'm boring

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  14. On 7/13/2020 at 6:53 PM, Andrew said:

    Yeah it's crazy. Just ask Joey. I think the most recent photos of it are at the start of this thread. Doesn't cost me anything while it sits around. One day I'll stop being useless. Or make Kyal and Joey knife fight for it.

    Yeah ask me. I bought a old valiant pacer because even that sort of money can't buy laurels these days. 

  15. Yeah we have a 6mx10m at my parents house and it's a ok size but my dad made the mistake of having 2 roller doors on a end not doors on the side. I think cars in side ways would feel like there is more space.

    It ends up being a pain in the arse as most the shed gets wasted when we have cars in and out and the sides lined with equipment.  I did a skyline in there and had it parked in the middle of the whole shed so I could work comfortably around it. He had no shed for 3 months haha


    So if you can, go a little bigger and try to get roller doors on the long side

    These are some old pics, prob 2004 haha but as you can see if you are messy like my old man it makes it hard to move



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