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  1. Year/Make/Model: 1998 Lexus LX470Drive: AWDMotor: 2uzTransmission: 4spd AutoFuel: GasolineTowing Capacity: Enough to partyTowing Modifications: NonePros: Factory transmission cooler, reliable, comfortableCons: Expensive, factory AHC tends to go out if you drive it into a pond 😅 Rough price: $12k-18k USD? Not exactly sure. Traded my Nissan truck for this one about 10 years agoComments: Even with a 3" lift , 35" tires, 256k miles on the clock (and original motor), and taking a regular flogging on the trail it still tows like a champ. Seems crazy to me the tiny vehicles you guys use to tow your drift cars, but I suppose Americans do tend to do things a bit overkill haha
  2. darkest hour and evergreen terrace have been my favorites for well over a decade. always put out solid albums.
  3. max_goldstar

    Push Bikes

    i used to ride a lot of bmx and downhill mtb back in the day. just finally pulled my bikes out of storage a couple weeks ago and have been trying to get my fat ass back into shape haha 2009
  4. oh god giving me PTSD hahaha
  5. are they generally thought of as being terribly obnoxious and owned by idiots? if so, you nailed it! hello from america. i got lost and somehow ended up here 🤷‍♂️
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