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  1. Andrew

    Push Bikes

    Jesus! Hope you heal up well, that sounds fucking horrible. I haven't been to boomers yet but a mate goes most weeks and is at me to go. I'm useless at jumping so keen to get there and get some progression in. First ride on new tyres yesterday (dhf/dhr combo) and it felt like a new bike. My old tyres came on the bike and were sooooo fucked but I didn't really know any difference. Braking performance was the first thing I noticed, then in other bits I was waaaaay inside on stuff because the old tyres would've just washed me wide. Going to take a few rides to get used to but so much better. Bought shit to go tubeless too so I'll do that one weekend. Missus is on maternity leave now so don't have to be done in time to pick the young bloke up, should average about 60kms a week now.
  2. Andrew

    Push Bikes

    Pushys and my direct for local stuff. There's bikebug, cyclingdeal and the bicycle store too but pushys is in brissie, can have things next day sometimes. Biggest one is Wiggle/Chain Reaction Cycles but they're UK so depends what you're after and how patient you are. I got a dropper post from wiggle the other month and only took a week still.
  3. Andrew

    Push Bikes

    Chop that bloody dork disc off the back Joey. No style points for that. I thought it would be cheap too but even just the consumables from all of our trails being sand/silt adds up, then the shit I break because I'm a retard, then the cool shit you rent, my $500 bike is probably more of a $1200 so far. Good fun though. I average about 40kms a week but that could quickly come down to zero with a baby due in three weeks.
  4. Andrew

    Push Bikes

    Picked mine up today, got new chain, cassette and BB put on. It used to try eat the derailleur if I tried for the big ring which sucked. Keen to see how much nicer it is to ride. I'm hoping I can get a Tewantin camping/riding trip in next year. Looks like a cool set of trails.
  5. Andrew

    Push Bikes

    Canberra has heaps of trails apparently. Some real nice riding. Northern NSW has a fair bit of stuff too Joey. Get keen.
  6. Andrew

    Push Bikes

    Yeah any 29er hardtail will do. Can spend anything from $300 to the new limited run Yeti at a cool 15k for a fucking hardtail. Madness. There's millions on gumtree, depends what you're after really. You might slowly get keen to do more riding if you get one you enjoy, just all depends on budget. Anything from the bigger brands is usually quality and often hardly used if buying second hand.
  7. Andrew

    New account who dis?

    Yeah it's crazy. Just ask Joey. I think the most recent photos of it are at the start of this thread. Doesn't cost me anything while it sits around. One day I'll stop being useless. Or make Kyal and Joey knife fight for it.
  8. Andrew

    New account who dis?

    No idea. It's now a shelf for random shit in Bundy instead of at my house. I assume it's much the same as it was here.
  9. Andrew

    New account who dis?

    Oh G'day mate
  10. Andrew

    What's happening?

    Always enjoy Blondes, used to be all I drank, then they went through a stage were it was like two beers in every carton had a dud lid and they tasted rank so got the shits with them. These days I'm more just about value and longevity, a 30 pack of mids just makes more sense while I'm sitting around the house. I'm that much of a grub these days I'll even drink the warm ones until they get cold. I'm a disgrace.
  11. Not so much a random spam thread but what's happening? What does your day look like? Was it cool? Was it shit? Was it different? #matsuriprep? #bcfprep? I bought a carton of pure blonde instead of my usual 30 pack of gold cans to please my father in law while we watched the first lions game back from covid shit. Recovering from my biggest MTB ride yesterday, feels good.
  12. Andrew

    Push Bikes

    Yeah my stack was just going over a log. Even has dirt either side to make it easy but I must've just hit it too fast, front wheel went up then the back wheel tipped me and by the time the front wheel landed I was already going over the bars. Tried to ditch the bike between my legs but went down on knee and shoulder. Second crash just washed out and grazed forearm and bruised my hip.
  13. New Ghost Inside release was pretty spine tingling to hear the first time. Glad they're back at it.
  14. Andrew

    Push Bikes

    I've never been able to jump bikes and never got into dirt bikes so I'm a proper gumby but I'm having fun learning. Been riding since January and have had some stacks but always managed to stay standing, never hit the deck, until yesterday. Stacked twice in the one ride. Nothing major, reminds me how shit gravel rash is though. First stack was just me being a retard but I was riding like shit the whole ride really. My rear brakes are pretty cooked, lever nearly hits the grip and I'm thinking I'm grabbing a whole lot more front to compensate and it's putting me in some weird spots.
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