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  1. Andrew


    I remember a few dudes were into bikes and seems like more and more people are getting into them. What do you own/ride/want? I've got an '81 Ironhead with a hardtail put on it but needs a fair bit of shit I can't afford. Also have an old sr250 I need to rewire but have never bought the cable. Plan was to get my P's and ride the Sr but never did. Still an L plate no hoper.
  2. Andrew

    Push Bikes

    Anyone into bicycles? I've gotten into MTBing, bought a 2011 Giant Reign. I only ride Nerang so far, too slow and fat to bother travelling anywhere else but it's awesome fun. Try to get out three times a week, definitely noticed an improvement but still got a long way to go. I got a Cannondale Prophet the other week for a bottle of rum, needs a chain and cassette but when I have the cash I'll get it riding it anyone wants to come out for a ride. I've got an old roadie too, '81 Miyata. Steel frame made in Japan, downtime shifters and stuff. Really nice to ride but don't ride it enough. If I have time to ride I rather the mountain bike.
  3. Andrew

    New account who dis?

    How fucking crazy have import process gone in the last 18 months. Shit is crazy. What bought SD back from the abyss all of a sudden? I'd accepted it was gone, couldn't even insta-stalk after they made a sign in pop-up show up after a few seconds.
  4. Andrew


    I stick to Skate 3 these days. Maybe once a year I get the board off the wall and promptly remember I've never been any good and that doesn't change as you get older. Nothing worse than having kids standing over you while you're laying in the bottom of the Logan Village skatepark going "Ewww, you're in the spew bowl". Skater XL and remastered THPS 1+2 coming this year but. Probably when I'll tell myself skating is easy and go for another lay in the spew bowl.
  5. Andrew

    New account who dis?

    Looked like this waiting for the tow truck. Was good to see it out of it the carport.
  6. Andrew

    New account who dis?

    I don't know if I've done a single thing to the laurel. It's in Bundy now, don't know when it's getting any action but at least I don't have to look at it. Old boss told me he had a meeting about a job but turned out to be his sentencing hearing for kidnporn stuff so that was shit. Build switchboards in Yatala now. Got married, young fella just turned three, got another boy due September. Still BCF as much as possible but got into mountain bikes so do that a few times a week.
  7. Andrew

    New account who dis?

    I'd clocked off. My life was over. Eyes welled with tears every time I looked at the SD stickers on my car. Hello friends.
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