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  1. Somewhere to put those questions where you need the help of the hive mind ? My first one is these skirts and rear bar, guy is big on insta but seemed to never mention what they were after stalking a lot of posts Skirts look similar to 240R but are different, thought the rear was just pods but looks like a whole bar.
  2. (Locky)

    Tow Cars

    Compresses about a cm or 2 with car loaded in middle of trailer and boot full of tools and spares Though in that pick you seem to load.your car a lot further forward than me so putting a lot more weight on the ball so making the rear drop more Only on super lows, whish isn't low for ve/VF only about 15mm lower than stock fe2 (sv6/ss). I would like to go ultralow but then probably have issues loaded Only have rolled guards and 20x11 with a 275 and only had a handful of light scrubs when towing on ginant bumps, my vy on first level lowering springs and 225 on 19x10 scrubbed way more on the same bumps even with load leveling bags Pic above with full track day load, this is it normally
  3. (Locky)

    Tow Cars

    Year/Make/Model: 2013 VF Commodore SV6Drive: RWDMotor: 3.6L V6Transmission: .Fuel: Anything, E10-E85/91-98Towing Capacity: 2100 (apparently only 1600 unless have load leveling according to forums but manual says 2100)Towing Modifications: OEM HD towbar and harness, RED ARC EBC.Pros: Surprisingly a lot, the 2013/14 still had flex sensors so I can dump old E85 in it and get fresh stuff for the silvia, Heaps of room inside for people or cargo with folding seats, the V6 with 6 speed surprisingly capable, especially compared to a VT v6 and 4 speed I had back in the day, remote start is cool, all the modernish techCons: No load leveling bags available, so cant go to Ultra lows and still pump it up for towing, only option a full bag setup. Chews fuel on E85 for not really noticeable gain, made sense when these were new and E85 was $0.99 but now its more if dumping older stuff in it so doesn't go to waste or was getting jerry cans so top up the tankRough price: .Comments: Replaced my VY SS sedan and besides noise making and a bit slower upgrade in every sense. The 6 speed makes up for a lot of gaps so seems to deal with most situations in as well a fashion as a V8 4 speed. If get cut off going up a hill going to rev the crap out of it, but that going to happen no matter what you are in. In love with the wagon for day to day and got a lot more shit in it that I would have had to negotiate a car trailer with in old sedan. Is just lowered on superlows ( only 15mm lower than stock FE2 that was in it) and some X5 20x10/11 wheels. Would like lower ect but plays the part for daily and gets in most shopping centers ect with only light scuffs on steep ramps and speed bumps Never been about the BCF life and seems like these were last of era of something that can tow car and trailer yet not be jacked up duel cab/SUV. It acts like a normal car for the other 99% that I drive it for the once a month or 2 I tow. On the look out for a VF2 redline wagon as I like it that much once prices stabilise with all the holden closing and covid stuff. As I feel like last of a car that can tow but still be a normal car the rest of the time, plus LS3 and brembos and probably keep for a while as nothing in the pipeline similar. Will lose E85 capability as they stopped that in 2015 VF1 but loud noises
  4. (Locky)

    New account who dis?

    Finished weekender S13 build then drove it a bit for first year but not a lot after that Moved to Wollongong and built a Queenslander style house, still trying to get that sorted but at least now have 5 car undercover parking for all my shit Rebuilt hackily my S14 that I've had for 11 years now been driving that for about a 18 months. Getting sick of of the zenki front and some of the throw togetherness of it so spending some money to actually get it running properly and going back to kouki front Shame all the old content 😂 n her got lost at a lot of it wasn't anywhere else for a lot of people
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