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  1. Stovemane


    Can’t skate, but I’ll watch it!!
  2. Stovemane


    That’s awesome, not very familiar with these but love the look of them!
  3. Stovemane


    I got a ‘94 Honda Cr250r restored last year bringing it back to its former glory! have wanted one of these since I Could remember as the old man had a ‘93 cr500 and sitting in front of the tv watching crusty demons of dirt on repeat!😂
  4. Early next year hopefully as long as the s13’s don’t sky rocket in value even more! Haha
  5. Sup fellas, glad to be back here! Parted out the sil80, bought a dirt bike which I ended up snapping the old ACL. A about 6 or so months off the bike, rode a couple of times then sold it. went to Japan for 5 weeks with the missus at the start of last year(spent $1000 on tolls😂) got a ‘94 cr250 restored, went down to Melbourne to pick it up in the fresh car which I ended up doing a kick flip in at the start of the year as someone failed to give way and yeah that’s all she wrote! Another na s13 coming 2021
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