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  1. Good to hear that. I was planning on going to town on the LED strip lighting & taking a leaf out of @Miller 's book with the skylights
  2. For sure. Future proofing it will be a big thing. I want the power to be capable of running a decent hoist & welder so the old extension cable aint gonna cut it Would run water pipe x2, as with a water tank there we may look to add sterilization & pipe this to the house if need be
  3. Awesome feedback guys I'm in a 5.7 x 5.7 internal access double with a bench down the side at the moment. I felt having the bench on the side cut out 0.5-1m and i had ~2m unsed width on the other side, so figured 3m width / vehicle would be enough, especially as i wasn't planning on storage on the sides But the mrs is saying anything farm related will be going in there as well, so dispensation to go bigger. Threw my ideas into Skethup quickly The big front box is the Silvia's dimensions, the one next to the door is Lunch Money (C35). Put them on the LHS so easy to get into drivers sides Wheel rack on back wall for 3x sets of 17x9's stacked up Corner workbench 2x modular shelving units for parts (900x500x2100 - already have) Recessed scissor jacks/Quickjacks 1m x 0.5m island on casters with worktop & vice on top and welder underneath Idea behind that design is that pulling an engine can be done with plenty of room out the front into the workshop area So if i could get 6x10 to work anything bigger would be a breeze
  4. So lining up 2.2 hectares of land that does not have a garage on it. I'm going to be budget constrained to an extent, but would like peoples ideas on what works & what doesn't So far I'm thinking a minimum of 6m wide by 10m long. If i have to go new then that'll probably be my limit, unless i can sweet talk any more budget out of the mrs I'm hoping to find something secondhand then build a pad to suit. There's a few companies around that offer used garages and will even erect them for a charge. Comes in half the price but dictated on what they have available. Will run a water tank off the roof to be used for irrigation (ie untreated) Wish list is: - power from house - in ground scissor hoist (low boi friendly) - epoxy floor - plywood lined Would probably turn a quarter of the rear into workshop area, with the other quarter as storage for the S13. Then the quarter between the workshop & garage door to have the hoist then the quarter next to that to store the C35 Probably have a 10m x 3m carport on the side for firewood / ride-on / water tank but graveled underneath Thoughts? Ideas? Inspiration?
  5. Ben

    What's happening?

    Just looked at another house right next door to the one we missed out on Cheaper & no garage, so can build my own. Putting offer in tomorrow once we've priced up what we'd need to do to get it up to our spec Need some inspiration so will start a garage thread....
  6. Ben

    What's happening?

    Nah, not cheap around here. Auckland, Queenstown & Tauranga are stupid spency. If you want to live in a cheap shit hole with the mob for neighbors there's plenty of options tho As expected got the email this morning saying other offer has been countered & accepted. Mrs is devo
  7. I don't subscribe to the lifted, gripped & twitchy trend personally so alignment reflects that. The S13 is a 90/10 street/track split as follows: Fr Camber: -2.5 Castor: 6.6 Toe: 0 Rr Camber: -1.5 Toe: 0 C35 is going for an alignment this weekend and will only have lock spacers (factory knuckles) but will still need to be a-framed so can't go crazy on the toe. Will aim for the following: Fr Camber: -4 (max negative at hub, fine adjustments at top hat) Toe: 1mm toe out each side (Castor will be what ever it ends up being as don't have adj castor arms) Rr Camber: -2 Toe: 2mm in per side (depends on the thread engagement on the rose joints)
  8. Ben

    What's happening?

    Current place is on the market for $730k, new place is listed for $950k but we put in an offer of $920k last night Not too hopeful of getting it though. I get the distinct impression we're getting used by the fuckstick agents to pay for the official valuation & bump the other offer (which probably isn't conditional on a property sale). We got told "yeah plenty of time" then drop a grand on a valuation, then 4 hours after that was done get a txt saying "you need to have an offer in or vendor is pursuing the existing negotiations with the other party this evening". Mrs didn't clear it until 7:30pm because she's useless at checking her phone, but not even a fucking phone call Got a reply saying we're still in the show but i doubt it so been hunting for something else
  9. Ben

    What's happening?

    Tauranga, more specifically Papamoa: The eastern coastline is sweet. West is meh due to black sand beaches from an eruption a few million years ago Fishing has become the official religion of NZ & the prime minister is driven around in a Club S C33 You should move here
  10. Ben

    What's happening?

    Son's 4th birthday on Saturday followed by a full day of prepping the house for an open home next weekend The mrs has always wanted to go rural & I've wanted more garage space so we've kept an eye on the market over the past year. Then lockdown hit & working from home was the new norm so we could widen the search. Next interest rates tanked so we could bump our budget and found a 1.5 hectare place 20min up the coast the day after it was listed that fit the bill. Got to sell our place first tho
  11. Ben

    Pics of the Day

    You can use a Cefiro for just about anything in New Zealand (454ci & solid axle)
  12. Ben

    YouTube channels

    Agreed. Probably the most cocky piece of shit of all the big car YouTubers. Cannot stand him
  13. Ben

    YouTube channels

    I put it out there on IG a few weeks back and didn't get a whole lot new back. Juicebox was a good find, as was Absolute MadLad series on Count Dankula (non car) Am a big Taylor Ray fan, really enjoy how he does all his own work, does fab stuff and just his general approach to projects. Jimmy Oakes is a good watch too Started watching Garage Idiots after seeing them on PFI's channel. Great watch for people enjoying seeing what can be achieved with backyard engineering. The J-series converted Civic is awesome Then there's: Nugget Garage (love me a remote mount) Bad Obsession Motosport Drift Happy TV (Marco & Matt the Ginge) Autofactory Realise TV Family Man Racing (LS-T swapped 3000GT & his sons 4G63 3000GT) Sloppy Mechanics (8F8 build series, lots of DIY tuning info) 187 Customs (Shawn from Street Outlaws, building a car for his son) Damaha30 (lots of track-side drifting footage of Tsukuba & other tracks. If you like Team Fool this is the shit)
  14. Ben

    Push Bikes

    We've got a stupid good mtb park 45min away (Rotorua - Whakarewarewa Forrest), so ~8 years ago the mrs & I got some refurbed front sus 26" bikes and been going off & on ever since Went OTB at one point and ended up in hospital. Got back into it heaps more as soon as the boy was big enough to ride on the mid seat Then upgraded to a 2018 model Haro Shift R5 full sus thanks to the cousin who runs the Haro wholesaler in NZ. Has leveled up the smiles per miles massively
  15. Tell me bout it. Mid life crisis hitting them hard Decided to make my life hard last night and semi-tuck the engine harness to allow more room for the leads. No difference from this angle but my mum always says it’s what you can’t see that matters. All back together Then threw together some sprayers - one on the intercooler and two on the radiator. Misting sprayers work best and running off the windscreen washer motor will be fine. After mucking around with my wiper motor wiring I lost intermittent & the washer override, so I can spray and not have the wipers screech at me And got given a PSM shift knob then bought a woodgrain wheel off a mate. Waiting on my hub & shift boot from the land of the rona to tidy this off Enjoy your weekend fullas
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