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  1. GlenD


    Like peeps have said, if you go with what the tuner knows, will be a better result. In saying that, I run a vi-pec (basically a link) and have zero complaints. Mine was a plugin, fits inside the stock ecu case, can get rid of afm. Pretty happy with it. Alot would come down to the tuner, But cold start/driveablility is great.
  2. GlenD

    New account who dis?

    Glad SD is back too! ( previously CEF33Y) Sold a house, bought a house, sold cefiro, "built" a R33 sedan. Does everything better than cefiro but not a huge fan. Sold our V36 sedan, Bought a FMW F30 as a daily, first ever euro. Hasnt broken yet. Yet.
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