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  1. So work has been good and Ive got a new shop so moving to the GC. Buying a house and looking at getting one with a shed or building a shed on an existing property. Ideally i'd like a 7x10 with 2 roller doors on the long side and a workshop area. Hoist in the middle and room for another vehicle on the side. Talk to the realestate on Monday so wish me luck!
  2. Thanks man. WIll give this a go!
  3. Chasing some inspiration/tips/ideas on making some air guides to force air into the radiator from behind the intercooler/bumper opening. Was thinking about using corflute as its readily available/cheap/easy to work with and if there's a crash then it will just break as opposed to aluminum smashing cooler cores. Pics get bonus rep points 👌
  4. DioXidE


    I had an optima yellowtop for a few years and last event at raleigh it just shit itself. Had enough juice for accessories but couldn't start without a jumper pack - put on charge and it would charge up ok, but drop charge after 5 mins even with an isolator. Lucky enough I took it back to SCA in coffs and swapped it (under warranty) for a Century 600CCA sealed unit. Fixed all my starting issues and no issues restarting after a stall. Mines mounted behind the passenger seat in a 180sx.
  5. DioXidE

    New account who dis?

    Yep, I rememeber at that matsuri you needed a jz and i organised one for you and it ended up being no good too 😞 I even still follow your ciscokids stuff on the socials. Are there any good drift forums/groups in Melb? I may be moving there someday soon so I want to check out the scene.
  6. DioXidE

    Tow Cars

    Year/Make/Model: BMW e70 X5M Drive: 4WD Motor: S63B44 Twin Turbo V8 550Hp Transmission: ZF 6 Speed Auto Fuel: Petrol 98 OC Towing Capacity: 2700KG Towing Modifications: None Pros: Rear bags keep it nice and level, heaps of room in the cabin, easily able to maintain speed going up hills and its comfortable too. Cons: 20L/100km Rough price: $35-60k pending options Comments: Its awesome.
  7. DioXidE

    Wheel machining

    I got the GTR wheels bore size done to fit the commodores hub a few years ago at wheel revolution in moss street. Turnaround time was quick and wasn't too exxy either.
  8. DioXidE


    I use a nistune because Benny from M1 says theyre easy to tune for simple build nissans
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