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  1. DioXidE

    New account who dis?

    Yep, I rememeber at that matsuri you needed a jz and i organised one for you and it ended up being no good too 😞 I even still follow your ciscokids stuff on the socials. Are there any good drift forums/groups in Melb? I may be moving there someday soon so I want to check out the scene.
  2. DioXidE

    Tow Cars

    Year/Make/Model: BMW e70 X5M Drive: 4WD Motor: S63B44 Twin Turbo V8 550Hp Transmission: ZF 6 Speed Auto Fuel: Petrol 98 OC Towing Capacity: 2700KG Towing Modifications: None Pros: Rear bags keep it nice and level, heaps of room in the cabin, easily able to maintain speed going up hills and its comfortable too. Cons: 20L/100km Rough price: $35-60k pending options Comments: Its awesome.
  3. DioXidE

    Wheel machining

    I got the GTR wheels bore size done to fit the commodores hub a few years ago at wheel revolution in moss street. Turnaround time was quick and wasn't too exxy either.
  4. DioXidE


    I use a nistune because Benny from M1 says theyre easy to tune for simple build nissans
  5. DioXidE

    New account who dis?

    Thanks man, got it sorted 🙂
  6. Red looks awesome! Hows the td06 go for response/lag?
  7. DioXidE

    COD Warzone

    Anyone else play? Am on most nights... #8813649
  8. DioXidE

    New account who dis?

    Its great to be back! Missed the build threads, tried to regain some build thread love by reading driftworks but its not the same. Last time SD was alive I'd just gotten the 180 and was all about that rb30life after watching shiloh on short track. Then realised RB30's aren't very good n/a and broke a couple so switched the rb25de+t. Sold the commodore and got a faster/less standout/better tow ability daily driver - BMW X5M. Did I mention I missed the build threads? P.S how do I make an avatar?
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