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  1. marvis

    YouTube channels

    noriyaro is about the only youtube car channel I watch that isn't from offical event channels etc. drift station is also good.
  2. marvis


    I like cars
  3. Lots of variables like height / grip / knuckle / type of driving and of course, personal preference. I run around Front: Castor: 6.4 degrees Camber: -7.7 Toe: 1-3mm out per side Rear: Camber: -0.8 Toe: 0 Slightly longer traction arm to help with camber and toe curve on compression etc. This is on a drift only car but I like to try and drive places fast. Mostly banked corners. Car is at a height where from front LCA is over level and rear is almost flat. 235 and 265 rubber ~ 200kw.
  4. I had a few laps on some before I snapped my output shaft, seemed alright but not worth the price tag.
  5. I wouldn't bother with 22re, just go straight to the 3sge, having a 2s in it already makes life easy. Don't do silvia front either, keep it toyota, get some inserts and shorten the casing and convert to coilover. Or find a weld in kit for mx73 etc and weld it onto your axle. Rear for the wagon I can't recall if they are different to the sedan, which is fine to use other toyota stuff like the mx73 etc.
  6. marvis


    Yeah they are decent.
  7. marvis


    Sr are sick, id like a 400 or 500.
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