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  1. brajjj

    Pics of the Day

    Those are cool as
  2. brajjj

    Tow Cars

    Year/Make/Model: .2003 spce cab hiluxDrive: .rwdMotor: .3rzTransmission: . Standard 3rz boxFuel: . PetrolTowing Capacity: . 1800Towing Modifications: . Electric brake controller, new rear shocks and shacklesPros: . Tows great, fuel economy is great towing, big tub plenty of room for tools, wheels, tyres, space cab so plenty of room inside for personal items.Cons: . Is slow when towing, sucks up hills. Great for small cars but not bigger carsRough price: . $3000-$6000Comments: . These are bang for buck imo and just keep going and are pretty common, can slap a ebay turbo kit and still use the stock ecu, 7psi and it’ll love it.
  3. brajjj

    Making it legal

    Bump this, a lot of hwy patrol are ego driven so having an engineers can be good or doesnt mean shit, depends on the cop!
  4. brajjj

    What's happening?

    Spent the weekend in wagga with harry, picked my motor up, stopped by pheasents wood and watched some drifting, dudes were killing it! Ya’ll qlders should def make the trip down
  5. brajjj

    W58 into IS300

    Awesome, this is what i missed the most about forums. Glad its coming back!
  6. brajjj

    YouTube channels

    Finnegans garage is pretty good!
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