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  1. ShanO

    What's happening?

    Just finished doing some drifting on Assetto Corsa. Now I am trying to decide whether I should drain my bank account and buy some wheels and suspension for my WRX. Normally I would just say fuck it and do it, but now that this covid crap has stopped all of my OT for the forseeable future money doesn't accumulate as quick as it used to. Maybe the taxman will be kind to me this year.
  2. ShanO

    Sim talk

    I run a Thrustmaster TS-PC wheel with the thrustmaster shifter, random ebay hydro on the basic next level racing stand. I've been thinking of going vr, but I don't want to outlay the cash for it in case I don't like it. I usually play AC, dirty rally 2.0 and a bit of iracing.
  3. ShanO

    New account who dis?

    It is good to be back.
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