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  1. Hype

    Making it legal

    I guess I would rather just get done for too low or spacers rather than that plus cage, seats, coilovers, etc. Not wanting to be that virgin throwing engineers papers at them, but also not wanting to be fined for things that could just be engineered.
  2. Hype

    Diff chat

    I think angle/speed could be associated more with alignment, setup and driving. Maybe post the video? Currently I run a welded centre however that was only due to saving money at the time, I will move to a 2 way and change ratio soon. A quick look at yahoo shows new diff centres starting at ~„80,000 and complete used 4.3 diffs with mechanical centre for a fair bit less. Has anyone had experience with shipping complete diffs? Also included these old charts, got caught out once with the Crown wheel bolt size.
  3. Hype

    Making it legal

    I suppose here in QLD it is common to have a modplate for some things, such as 2 seats instead of 4 etc. But I've heard of people getting everything including coilovers done. That is my intention, even though I probably won't drive the car that much. Part of that plan will be to change to an AGI cage, remove tint and do a big tidy up.
  4. Hype

    Making it legal

    I have been thinking a lot lately about registration and engineering my S13. There are a fair few people with rego'd drift cars, however I am wondering if anyone has gone to the effort of having modifications engineered and how that has worked out. Obviously the normal/major things can be modplated, but I have heard of coilovers, rose jointed arms etc. What about things like fiberglass panels and so on? tldr: who has modplated everything and has it helped with street use.
  5. It isn't VCT is it? Pretty sure the Australian harness had to have pin locations changed to run PFC/Japanese ECU. Very unlikely but thought I would mention.
  6. Hype


    Fullriver HC20? Seems to do the job well but keep it isolated.
  7. So I finally had the time to try and pull this damage out yesterday. Not the most efficient method, but the only way I can do it with limited tools and equipment. I am not sure if the lowest hole is meant to be 790 though? I got the rest close, and if it was at 790 I don't think the bumper would fit properly? Measurements ended up at: LH: 787 787 784 764 RH: 787 787 787 765
  8. Fuck I am that keen to build a shed once I have secured a house. At the risk of sounding 85, has anyone looked into building one with a pit rather than hoist?
  9. My quarter panels looked pretty decent, so I wasn't expecting it to be this bad haha: LH: 780 780 775 755 RH: 775 775 770 750 Now to build some plates and brackets to pull it out properly instead of the eyebolts and ratchet straps I have been previously using haha.
  10. Whoa, that makes it easy. Now to get home and see how bad mine is haha. Thanks mate
  11. That would be killer if you could mate. I have lined up a car to measure when I am back home from work as well. It would be good to cross reference and make a proper diagram đŸ€”
  12. So the factory Body Repair Manual covers the front end pretty well. But doesn't give much info on the rear end. What I am mainly after is a measurement side to side for the bumper bar side mounting holes. Ideally using the centre number plate bracket hole as a reference and from a non crashed Silvia, if such a thing exists anymore. I have included the front end stuff if anyone is looking for that.
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