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  1. vacuum tank and pump

    Landcruiser washer/overflow setup. this needed one mount shaved off and two holes drilled into the front panel but fit really nice. uses the same plug as standard as well.

    All the templates made to start mounting everything will be dropping these off to get cut, I'm 90% sure they are all going to work, but we will never know for certain. but here is the vacuum pump/tank mount, heater tap mount, catch can mounts, DBW mount, catch an air filter mounts (plan on remote mounting) and a tow strap mount

    I have also been told I need to fit EPA Gear, like charcoal canister etc, so fitting one from a VX Commodore, to suit the EFI Fuel pump I have. I feel if I use the complete commodore setup (standard LS1 V8) my little 3L might have more chance of passing. the plan is to install a Fuel pump PMW, Purge solenoid and run E85 to pass the test. and put an airbox over the filters.

    The fuel tank has been repaired, cleaned and coated in E85 safe stuff. 


    hopefully, the coating does not flake, have heard mixed things but the shop that did it said I should not have problems and fingers crossed the fuel filter catches it all if it does fail. 

    Progress has slowed down due to family life, in the next 3 weeks I should be free again to start getting things done. 

    350z Pedal mounted, will do some lite trimming but should look stock once complete. 



    Exhaust  complete 

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  2. The first picture I have taken with both the manifold and ITB on together. 


    then some basic pictures of the wheels on, callipers clear with no spacer on the front so very happy about that. The rear sits nice and I hope the camber will bring it into the guards perfect. 

    now looking at the picture, it looks like it hits the coil, but I span them and I don't remember hearing any noise. My fingers are crossed might also worry about what tire i fit. 

    rear big boy's 14X10 for people at home. 

  3.  The manifold is complete and all welded up, the exhaust items have arrived, including the mufflers (finally), and the rims have finally arrived after a 6-month wait.
    Still need to sort out LSD, Thermo Fan's




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  4. Small update the steering shaft is completed with bearing fitted so the slop in steering has been removed. Engine and R154 going in tomorrow. good news is the collector is here

    Radiator and Shroud have left japan, currently in Melb so will be here next week and stainless flange should be here next week. leaving the car for what I hope is the final stretch. with steering and engine fitted. it will be a case of wiring, getting fuel and brake lines sorted and the serviceable items like brakes a freshen up. 


  5. So a minor update, 

    Due to time and getting over the car sitting there, I sent the car to 21Fabrications. 


    Rear-end is now in, straight. We ended up just welding in the cross member instead of having it bolt in like stock due to only needing the diff bush to be held into place. Essentially a cross between X6/X7 Cressida's. However, mostly tack welded to make sure the engineer will be 100% happy with the plan before 100% welding it in. I have also added some tiny braces to the camber adjusters. 

    The rack has been moved forward 20mm. However, as you noticed, the steering rack is sitting a little upright. However, this might not be a problem, but we will not know until we finish removing the slop out of the steering column/shaft. 


    Caster mounts and arms are now in place. 

    Other problems that have been run into are the S13 fuel tank simply too big for a low car. 100% will work if you sit at average ride height and like that Torana/VN drop tank look. 


    So options are fuel cell, custom tank or find a stock tank and convert it to EFI.

    So this is all the work that happened after I dropped the car off Friday at lunchtime. So pleased progress is happening. A little disappointed I have not been able to work on it as much as I hopped. 

    Whats next? 

    Install the engine and transmission. 

    So what are we waiting for? 
    The bearing for the steering shaft,
    Radiator and thermo's to arrive. 
    Stainless exhaust manifold flange to be cut. 
    6-1 merge collector to arrive. 

    What i need to sort out, 

    Custom muffler for the rear of the car, want dual 2 inches in/outlets with round muffler so classic Japanese 240z style however there about 100mm too long so custom it is. 

    I also need to work out whether I put in a hotdog or another muffler to pass engineering.  a person I know passed with the same engineer on one muffler, one hotdog setup. But he had no extractors. So feeling I might be close to the limit. 

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  6. Slowly progressing. this has been slow more due to the waiting of parts and getting other things sorted. 

    first, I had the rear 1/4s fitted some time ago but have not finished off the fitment due to needing my doors, did not have the doors as I was busy moulding them to make lightweight doors for my other project 81. (buildthreadcomingsoon.exe) now that is done I will fit the door's and clean up the 1/4s for perfect fitment. other hold-ups have been in regards to working with Chromoly for my rear arms.

    but what i now have is 

    my PGS dogbox, stockworks coil overs, my custom 40mm RCAs (prototype in the picture) and a lot of loose ends to fix up. 

    rear 1/4 and 30+ mm wider flare 

    FPR Door. 

    PGS Dog gearset 

    Shockworks coils 

    and the R&D going into the suspension the arms are probably overkilled, and I will prob not end up selling any but if im putting my name to it, I would rather have it the best quality I can. this does not mean I might not bring out a lesser quality version under another brand. the RCA's had been spot on, but i was stupid for getting the prototypes made in what i wanted the finished product to be in as essentially this will not get used and are pure to test fitment etc. but lesson learnedt. 

  7.  Small update.

    Rear strut bushes changed and fixed to suit. the rear end now in. found out driver wheel bearing is seized, axles boots need replacing and as you can see the axles look to be on the upward angle at strut full highet nothing dramatic and hopefully raising the diff mount will correct this issue.


    has superpro make me a ISO diff bush

    had issues with the front end, first being LCA's being a lot longer than i needed but the main issue was ball joints being stuffed and unable to bolt coils/knuckles in etc. caster arm are about 100mm too short so need to fabricate. but what shitted me the most was using mate for fabrication. awesome guy etc but I wanted the front end to be able to bolt in AE86 stuff and have no issues, instead, he made the AE86 stuff fit the X3 witch meant drilling some very expensive Cusco items. it's done now, just annoying and why I will prob not go this route with other cars.

    So what is left? well remove it all, paint it all including the body and get what I need to be rebuilt. so it will be finished rolling/steering wise. the only major concern after this is the steering shaft and extractors everything else is essentially off the shelf and little fabrication items. oh and wheels to suit.

    with a daughter, it has been really hard as after 7 pm im bugged and my weekends are spent with my daughter doing things. so i do regret not taking advantage of doing things before baby. but I will make it work.

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  8. small updates, had Jeff at Motorsport Engineering Services clean up my manifold and set it up for a 70mm Bosch motorsport DBW TB. it involved welding up the old holes and cleaning up the plenum flange to suit the extra diameter. the manifold is currently at the powder coater getting cleaned up, will be good to see how it all turns out. hopefully, in the next couple of months, I will have the engine complete and ready to be fitted.

    Car is off to get some fabrication work done at 21Fab, starting off with the fitting rear wide body, so repair huge holes in old wheel tub to boot. clean it all up to allow larger wheel/tire combo's. once this is done the car will come back home while I work out what I will do for the front end. only one company seems to be making Caster rods at the moment and they are junk.

    I run bearing front end and not the standard rubber mount. this will result in the binding of some designs. below is just some paint designs quick idea's. so far im going to see how far off AE86 Arms are. As i have a set here and if it only requires me to drill one hole then I might go that route for now.


  9. x3yZGHj.jpg

    So went to trail fit my Struts and well lower bush does not fit, another case of the internet says it is a bolt-on swap and well.........  that definition of bolt-on is very different for some people :P

    on the side of good news, after months of waiting for the weld in threads, they are here.  So this will allow me to bolt in the MX41 rear diff subframe to give the stock appearance. the front ones are probably overkilled but they will allow me to bolt in AE86 Caster/tension mounts opening up the world for aftermarket items. 


    Still, three weeks lockdown before anything crazy can happen but pretty happy that the parts collection is getting there enough where all the custom stuff is completed and it is a case of buying off the shelf items. 


  10. I think by the time i read this and got to the garage i measured the wrong things. but i got both things available and out of the car and currently doing a lot of measurement things/hybrid  setup  

    I will be up your way next week (EFI hardware)  so can bring around if you need or feel free to come around here.

    edge of hole to edge of hole, seemed to be the same for every one but to be honest i only checked three


    Hole size 

    But yeah check out the bin chicken thread if you want more measurements as i have found some detailed drawings of X8 stuff. 

  11. So a bit of progress on this.

    Had a local come check it out dont know if he is a member here, but Gubby (21Fab) , worked out a deal to get some fabrication work done. so the front will be repaired (new rad support not tube front) plus other things turned out he lives 2 min from my house. 

    in doing so, I picked up an S14 240SX cross member this then lead me to buy a rack, get the new Ciscokids street knuckles. (Essentially Tezuka freedom street knuckles. got with his permission to build) and Started working on LCA Design for another Ciscokids product.  as the whole reason for this car was R&D to offer more products to my customers 

    so other than needing caster rods and an upgrade in suspension from the key office to shock works. the front end of this thing will be complete I have everything else.  

  12. It is my collection, but the X81 Yamaha ones in the middle have been rebuilt.   i'm going to take my spare normal X81 out as the outer should be the same. the problem i think i'm going to run into is axle width. as the IS300 are toothpick thin vs X81/83 so i'm going to go on the hunt for X100 items 

    Since posting this on the internet a couple of the drag boy's are interested because it will allow them to run torque control/launch control.  

  13. Trigger wheel for speed sensor to pick up. if i can just change the outer CV from say X8 to X100 then life is good and i get trigger wheel that will work. if i cant figure it out the other option is put X100 diff in and change the whole rear cradle setup. 

    Allows me to run motorsport ABS, Traction control, launch control etc. 

  14. 100% agree on the filters, even when i googled searched i could not find such a thing so ended up with the socks. might buy a set of these so i can go raw trumpets. 

    Also on the plus side, your chin spoiler is done and should be getting picked up Tuesday 🙂

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