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  1. matt99

    W58 into IS300

    For those interested, there are many different shifter housings for W box. You may find another shifter housing may place the shifter in a position where no cutting is required such as the rear housing from a Corona W55 or a Hilux W57. Just be aware that the output shaft bearing size OD between these may be different (58 and 55 are different, not sure about the others) so if you go to smash this out in your daily over a weekend just take that into account.
  2. G'day, Any chance anyone has an MX83 diff or axle out of the car that could measure the diff to axle flange PCD and diameter, height, etc of any centric ring within it? Likewise with a 370Z (or 350Z) diff or axle? Melbourne lockdown restrictions are making my life easy to go out and measure things, so if anyone has one of these diffs or axles out of a car and a set of verniers that would be superb. Gracias.
  3. What other modifications did the engine have when it was running the PFC? I assume when you swapped back to the standard ECU that all other items are standard too (injectors, AFM, etc. etc.). If its seemingly an issue once a bit of temperate is involved, ensure the IACV is working correctly and connected correctly, these are failing more and more these days due to their age (is it the same one that was on the previous motor?). You've already tried CAS, which would have been my go-to first as well. The water temp sensor for the ECU will also cause this, again, is it the one from the previous motor? Swap that with a known working one too, these are available on EFI Solutions new (or elsewhere, they're generic).
  4. This is something I think most people overlook, the height for a hoist. Hoists are cheap enough now and most of us would utilise it plenty. I know ill never not have a hoist again. But that being said, height is always on your side so a pit would be more usable. Keep in mind though they are now illegal (at least in Vic), so if you're going to be getting permits for anything any time soon wait until after they're done and inspected before you install. Build a cover for it because they're sometimes a pain to work around when not in use and slightly dangerous for kids/animals/drunk. Otherwise they're great. Try and build a small section for a pump or a suction hose to sit in, just in case you ever flood it or need to clean it out.
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