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  1. jay70

    Push Bikes

    Yeah I looked at them when you got yours but they were out of stock everywhere, looks like they are becoming available again now
  2. jay70

    Push Bikes

    I would like new but I just found out how expensive dual suspension bikes are haha, probably just go a hard tail how about a Merida big trail 200? Anything better for the price?
  3. jay70

    What's happening?

    Congrats bro Funny how bcf life used to be sarcasm and now it’s actually a good time
  4. jay70

    Push Bikes

    Any recommendations for a entry level bike? dual suspension thingo too because like everyone I have a bad back
  5. jay70

    Push Bikes

  6. jay70

    Push Bikes

    Found some sketchy abandoned trails in Canberra that really got me keen to get a bike but I know I’d end up breaking bones
  7. jay70

    New account who dis?

    Yeah I’ve tried all types of different cars and nothing feels as natural to just jump in and drive sideways. E chassis I feel are a lot more enjoyable when you can nail a perfect line though basically ke70s are possibly the greatest car of all time
  8. jay70

    New account who dis?

    Oh well do I have a deal for you on a certain is200 🤔
  9. jay70

    New account who dis?

    I thought you were all about that falcon Ute life now kyal?
  10. jay70

    New account who dis?

    Fair enough. At least you still have it. They’re turning into gold
  11. That’s a sweet property mate, congrats. Infinity pool off the cliff would be sweet in the future, if it’s not too cold down there haha
  12. jay70

    New account who dis?

    Andy what’s been happening. How’s the laurel going?
  13. jay70

    New account who dis?

    What’s going on boys? Been a while
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