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  1. Hammersmith

    Making it legal

    There are some manufacturers offering ADR approved coilovers here in Australia. TEIN super streets were possibly the first, I imagine Pedders are approved too. From memory I had my HSDs mod-plated years ago. Pretty sure I still have the phone number of the engineer that plated pretty much everything on my car for me.
  2. Hammersmith

    Diff chat

    What diff do you guys run? I have a shimmed r200 in my 32. Was watching some GoPro footage from my last QR drive and I reckon it's holding me back from angle/speed due to the wheels not spinning at equal speeds. It's worked fine until recently. On turn 6 at QR for example, kicking the clutch in third does not push the rear out and let me use more steering. It seems to be struggling under the load. Traditional upgrade is a 1.5/2way. Decent used parts for all S/R chassis are hard to come across nowadays though. I'm tempted to just weld it up. Is there actually any benefit to a mechanical centre over welded? Keep in mind the car is track only. Cheers
  3. This sounds like something you could suss with the age old stock ecu diagnostic mode! Should be a little screw on the side of the ecu to turn on diagnostic and a LED will flash in sequence for error codes.
  4. Hammersmith


    I use the HC20 too. Great size to keep in the bay with cooler piping, no messing around with relocation cables etc. Definitely needs to be isolated. I've start using a jump pack on cold mornings to help with the extended e85 cranking before the old RB coughs into life haha
  5. Hammersmith


    Get a modern ECU. Haltech/Link are widely known by tuners in QLD and some seem to have a preference between the two. The ease of expansion and broader tuning capabilities of both make for a safer and better tune for your motor. The resolution of the older ecus just doesn't cut the mustard anymore. Talk to Whitey about Links.
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