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  1. Polygon bikes are pretty unbeatable for their price point. Great if your looking to test the waters of the sport too. Otherwise I can add you to a heap of MTB sales pages of FB if you wanted to look at some second hand bikes with better specs for similar prices.
  2. +1 for all these shops. Pushys usually is unbeatable for price, if you can't find what you need, try the others mentioned. My local Giant looks after me really well too after spending a stack on my pushy. Usually helps getting to know your local shops manager too, mine turned out to be a mad dog so that was a bonus. Iphone pic of my bike for boredom's sake
  3. Yo, I've got a fixie and/or dually mountain bike if anyone is down for bike hangs around Tewantin/Noosa area. Happy to show anyone around ✌️
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