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  1. Yo,

    Can't remember what my name was on the old forum, only ever posted on the music related threads anyway.

    Anyway, I'm Sam. Did the move from Brisbane to Geelong 2-ish years ago for a fresh start, worked a bit too well cause I didn't and still don't know anyone down here, which is why I ended up with this little project. Picked up a couple of early 80's SR250's for a bit under $1k with the intention of getting a beginner bike together for the missus. Restored one back to factory and decided to make a little city jammer out of what was left.

    Got a new phone since I started so I don't have any of the progress pictures (Other than one I posted somewhere on here months ago), so this is where I'm at.


    Started making a little faux oil bag to store the battery & wiring out of an old extinguisher, not sure if I'm about it yet.


    A bit stuck on the wiring side of things. I converted it to Kick only and got an Antigravity battery for it with a bunch of new shit which has me baffled, so if you have a bit of eletrical knowledge and feel like helping someone not die, let me know!


    Also picked up a 79 Corona with 70,000 original kilometers on it as a project for missos first car. Makes me realise how shit it is to work on newer cars.


  2. Have a handful of SR’s (80’s models, not late 90’s) as well. Rebuilding a stock one for the missus and a little city jammer to get around on until The right shovel or pan comes along.

    Got some parts bikes if you need anything!


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