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  1. I thank you in advance good sir!
  2. Streetkarnage

    Tow Cars

    Thought it would be good to hear what people are using for tow cars. I really want to get VW T5 or T6 Transporter in the future but my old boy has a 2018 BMW X5 which is turbo diesel so have been using that from time to time. which has made me want to get one of them. Year/Make/Model: . Drive: . Motor: . Transmission: . Fuel: . Towing Capacity: . Towing Modifications: . Pros: . Cons: . Rough price: . Comments: . Post a picture of you towing your drift car as well,if you have one.
  3. Jag's brother Sak might be able to help https://www.instagram.com/afterhours_wheel_works/
  4. I always have always run nistune in the past.. Benny rates them a lot also. Just checked out the link website and M1 Tuning is a reseller so prob the best option to go with haha Seen this on IG the other day which i thought was cool.
  5. Streetkarnage

    Esh Lad

    I remember from the last forum there was a few writers on here. I don't really paint anymore haha but it used to be life 😂 the last piece i did was in bali at the end of 2017 or 2018? I think anyway hahaha
  6. Benny from M1 said he likes Link, thats why i was thinking of going to that.
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