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  1. Yeah got back on monday 🙂 at the Hilton in syd for 2 weeks and then back to QLD. Best thing about being stuck in thailand is it's cheap hahaha I took money from my super but yeah couldn't apply for gov payments due to being out of the the country.
  2. Left aus on the 1st of March... got to Thailand on the 17th, tried to get a flight back as it was going into lockdown on the 22nd... everything we tried didn't work so we just stayed on the little island we were on. Started looking again once flights started back up in june and couldn't get anything for a decent price till the 3rd of august... which got cancelled the day before it was meant to go. Applied for another Australian embassy organised flight today for sunday the 30th haha If we don't get on that i got no idea.
  3. Hanging in Bangkok waiting for a flight back to Aus. Have had 2 flights cancelled in the last 2 weeks. Applying for one that is organised by the Aus embassy today for next sunday.. if not have to wait a week to apply for another. 🤦‍♂️
  4. I thank you in advance good sir!
  5. Streetkarnage

    Tow Cars

    Thought it would be good to hear what people are using for tow cars. I really want to get VW T5 or T6 Transporter in the future but my old boy has a 2018 BMW X5 which is turbo diesel so have been using that from time to time. which has made me want to get one of them. Year/Make/Model: . Drive: . Motor: . Transmission: . Fuel: . Towing Capacity: . Towing Modifications: . Pros: . Cons: . Rough price: . Comments: . Post a picture of you towing your drift car as well,if you have one.
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