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  1. I thank you in advance good sir!
  2. Streetkarnage

    Tow Cars

    Thought it would be good to hear what people are using for tow cars. I really want to get VW T5 or T6 Transporter in the future but my old boy has a 2018 BMW X5 which is turbo diesel so have been using that from time to time. which has made me want to get one of them. Year/Make/Model: . Drive: . Motor: . Transmission: . Fuel: . Towing Capacity: . Towing Modifications: . Pros: . Cons: . Rough price: . Comments: . Post a picture of you towing your drift car as well,if you have one.
  3. Jag's brother Sak might be able to help https://www.instagram.com/afterhours_wheel_works/
  4. I always have always run nistune in the past.. Benny rates them a lot also. Just checked out the link website and M1 Tuning is a reseller so prob the best option to go with haha Seen this on IG the other day which i thought was cool.
  5. Streetkarnage

    Esh Lad

    I remember from the last forum there was a few writers on here. I don't really paint anymore haha but it used to be life 😂 the last piece i did was in bali at the end of 2017 or 2018? I think anyway hahaha
  6. Benny from M1 said he likes Link, thats why i was thinking of going to that.
  7. Streetkarnage


    So undecided what to run in my sr20 lexus. I have a DJetro power FC already but still want to have a new loom made up, so I have been thinking it might be better to go a different ecu for it. Been thinking to go LINK but would like to hear people's opinions. What ecu do you run and what would you recommend?
  8. DUDE! this car is amazing. Really love your attention to detail with everything. Awesome work ❤️
  9. Streetkarnage


    Australia, right? hhahha
  10. damn thats been a long 15 years! Comeeeee oonnnnn, finish it please!!!
  11. Damn, i never thought id see you write a build thread bro! hahaha stoked you did 🙂 Such a cool car, I hope it ends up still being you dream your car. Worst case you still have the type X to fall back on. hahahha
  12. Streetkarnage


    Does drinking count?
  13. Cant wait to see videos of the 110 boogying homie!
  14. Wild sounding build. keen for pictures.
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