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  1. Zedophilia

    Push Bikes

    Well, Ive been training, training and training hard and riding with loads of my mates (pros/Been riding For years etc) as I wanted to race this years qld enduro series With them. Unfortunatly I drew the luck of the short straw. The day before the first round was to be held at boomers. I just so happen to wreck my shit, mate infront of me scrubbed the jump and put a rock clean into my line (easy 20-30ft double-high speed) I hit it just from following too closely and lack of reaction time, ended up going Through the air doing a front flip but also parallel to the ground landed pretty badly on the side of my face and rolling a few times and stopped on a tree. We originally planned on just having a chill day cause we knew we were all racing the next day So Ppe was minimal (literally just a helmet). That didn’t happen as a few others were there and the vibes were stoked. got knocked out for 7-10 seconds, when I came to it I ended up staying where I was laying down as I could feel pins and needles on the inside of my legs and I was winded badly. My mates diverted everyone pretty quickly thanks to being a busy trail on weekends. I couldn’t move my right arm or wiggle my toes and felt like I had no strength. Ended up getting ambos to hospital. Straight away got the neck brace on and they tied me to a stretcher. So got to the hospital and to keep it short I ended up with a broken eye socket, busted ear drum, broken right scapula, dislocated right shoulder, 4 broken ribs on my RH back side, L4 bone contusion and an L5 fracture. A lot of pinched nerves through my pelvic region. A lot, and I mean a lot of deep bruising on my body aswell as a lot of skin off everywhere and a nasty laceration on my leg. Got 14 stitches and had them taken out after 14 days, but due to the nature of the where the cut is 2 days later attempting to drive pushing the clutch in I tore it open again so back to square one. Unfortunatly I have no photos of anything because of covid no one was allowed in the emergency with me. It sucks, it truly does but these things take time to heal and tbh you gotta have a big dig to realise where you are mentally and physically. Been a rough few weeks but the future is looking bright and I’m on the mend. I’m itching to get back out there I miss it. But anywho, finally went tubeless and went to DH spec tyres. Wanted to try something different, hopefully the heavier Tyre will help with chatter in gravel situations.
  2. Hearing make them suffer’s new album is coming out early (june 19th). definitely keen.
  3. Zedophilia


    Yeah it’s an ok movie, think they shoulda stopped at 1 though
  4. I need to get my shit aligned. Can’t wait to blow everyone out of the water with my specs
  5. Taylor ray, is a big one for me. Like Ben said, he does a lot of stuff on his own and puts out some good content. Jimmy Oakes, pecky, auto factory realise, the skid factory and bennys custom works, d-club GP are all good channels aswell. I have a wierd love for abandoned stuff and exploring places and a channel I watch about that is ‘Shiey’
  6. Zedophilia

    Push Bikes

    I binned it on Friday and scratched up my knee tat and I got super mad and threw my bike down the hill. Then had to do the awkward walk to get said bike. And finish my run with a bleeding knee. All I did was I did a black diamond run and come into a rock garden completely unprepared and went OTB hahah
  7. Zedophilia


    My old mans always built old school SPC’s, planes and boats etc. we moved house not long ago and he tossed every single thing he had always intrigued me and I have my own little collection of aoshima/Tamiya kits, even built a full on workshop diorama at one point. I just don’t have the patience to do it anymore. I’ll go to the shop pick one out and get all these grand plans, get home open the box, flag, then forget. I also build/collect a lot of technic LEGO! I really want the liebherr r9800 as it hits close to home. But fucked if I can justify the price tag 😅
  8. Zedophilia

    Push Bikes

    Grew up racing motocross wrecked my shit pretty badly. Can’t ride again....... ‘at the same level’. Buys MTB bike to ease the cravings//. Raced bmx for a few years aswell in my younger years which transitioned to a typical skate park rat Haha. Anyways, coming from Toowoomba, we have some epic trails. I’m only new to the sport and I’ve found I love it so much. I don’t know if it’s because a lot of technique can be cross referenced or what, but the smiles per miles and sketchiness of it has me proper hooked. Have a lot of friends that have always been into it and I’ve always been around them. Always found myself having small goes on their stuff Finally bit the bullet and ended up with a Merida 160-700. Not the best as I’ve already found its limits sending big jumps (it’s an all mountain bike), DONT get me wrong, It’s a super good bike, but I wish I had someone with me when I went to the shop so I knew what I was looking at haha. Really want to upgrade To a purpose built DH and keep this as an enduro/fitness bike was thinking either a YT TUES, or a commencial furious.
  9. Damn, glad this thread’s back. Most of my posts on old as were on here haha. ex misso was friends with these guys. Sunshine Coast yokels I went to school with this band, was good mates with the drummer But turned into a weird vegan-fuck the world dude. went to unify at the start of the year, got to see the ghost inside, was such an epic surreal set. also a huge Kublai khan/knocked loose fan 😎
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