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  1. Yeah this will be a square set for grip and hills but keen for the money @100ea but next step is proxes or something at 190ish
  2. im thinking about buying a set of these https://www.tyroola.com.au/hankook-ventus-rs4-z232-19550r15-86v-ty5978497504.html or these https://www.tyroola.com.au/bridgestone-potenza-adrenalin-re003-19550r15-82w-ty58f9a3a21a.html keen to see how the hankooky go.
  3. Been cranking heaps of Lions Law lately.
  4. roadblaster

    Push Bikes

    Ah pretty BS about that I refuse to pay subscriptions for anything. My after work rides are 4 to 8k and my weekend rides are 10 to 20. Could defs push both out but need to do stuff when I get home no point having jelly legs all weekend.
  5. roadblaster

    Push Bikes

    I'm not super fit but I'm running out of daylight before I'm running out of legs at the moment I've been really enjoying it. Fresh air birds chirping. Happy to show you my favourite loops. The two main downhill areas of parklands are getting a tidy up at the moment. I haven't had a look at updates but the times are annoying top peeps are always on ebikes anyways makes it pointless trying to beat them or get up top. I still try on the downhill stuff.
  6. roadblaster

    Push Bikes

    I try to ride 3 times a week, specialized enduro.
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