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  1. Im guessing the lower cca go ok for being in the boot? 

    Ive got a 800cca one that the tuner recommended. Just not sure what would be too low

  2. what batteries are people running in their drift/ street cars?
    im trying to figure out what to run as last couple ive have keep leaking and i cbf dealing with the acid in the boot rusting shit haha

  3. On 7/22/2020 at 10:46 AM, Hype said:

    I am not sure if the lowest hole is meant to be 790 though? I got the rest close, and if it was at 790 I don't think the bumper would fit properly?

    possibly! I didn't have a clear measure when i was doing it as the reo was still in.

    But if your rear bar fits ok and looks good id count that as a win

  4. All good! 

    This is what ive got. Its 790mm from the outside of the centre bolt to outside of the rear bar holes if that makes sense. Sorry for the the un readable hand writing haha 

    I also could not get all the measurements as i forgot i still had the rio on the car and didnt bring home the tools needed to take it off  (been forever since ive taken the bar off) 

    Hope it helps you out!


  5. 18 hours ago, (Locky) said:

     Compresses about a cm or 2 with car loaded in middle of trailer and boot full of tools and spares

    Though in that pick you seem to load.your car a lot further forward than me so putting a lot more weight on the ball so making the rear drop more

    ahh k. i should be alright to lower it when i get to it then! cheers for help/ input. ill watch how far forward i put the car on the trailer as well

  6. Year/Make/Model: . 2011 Holden Commodore seris 2 SV6
    Drive: . RWD
    Motor: . 3.6L LY7 or whatever they call them
    Transmission: . Auto
    Fuel: . Petrol
    Towing Capacity: . 2.1t
    Towing Modifications: . Hayman Reece heavy duty tow bar
    Pros: . Comfy as fuck to cruise long distances. Most parts are cheap and readily available because "Commodore"
    Cons: . It being a Commodore. Also a bit thirsty when towing
    Rough price: .

    Good comfy car to tow with. Id stick with the wagon over ute or sedan anyday but thats just me. Heaps of room in the back for whatever, i easily fitted 12 rims and tires in the back with back seats down.

    i have some rotiforms waiting to go on when i can get tires for them or when the tires on the car now run out of life. Would like to lower it eventually as well



  7. 20 hours ago, (Locky) said:

     just lowered on superlows ( only 15mm lower than stock FE2 that was in it) 

    How does it go with towing on lowered springs? Does it drag the bum on the ground? I have a ve wagon and would like to lower it but thats been my concern 

  8. Brand / Model: Work eurolines
    PCD: 5 x 114.3
    Width / Offset: 17x9 +17
    Location: Qld, sunshine coast
    Willing to Ship: no
    Price: $600

    They do have dead tyres on them at the moment. Can be taken off if thats easier 

    they're in good condition. I would like to keep them but they dont sit how i like on the car 





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