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  1. Hey blokes, just wondering if anyone has an recommendations for fat boy bucket seats. I had a racetech in one of my previous cars and it was awesome, but just after some opinions on what is suited for the bigger fella’s. (I’m like 6’ & 130kg)
  2. Problems sorted, car still had the factory cat temp sensor plugged in. Light was lit on dash with old ecu as well so thought nothing of it. As soon as we unplugged it light gone, and limp mode fixed. Haven’t come across that one before hahha.
  3. Hey blokes, recently replaced the motor in a mates 180sx. It was previously running powerfc, but we have now gone back to standard ecu etc. Now our issue is, car runs fine while it’s cold, once it gets to running temp, 5 or so minutes after it’ll go into limp mode and won’t rev past 1-1.5k rpm. I’ve had this issue before on a previous car and turned out to be a dodgy cas, so we swapped it out for a good known one, issue still present, also swapped afm, Anyone come across this before?
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