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  1. All autos have some sort of trans cooler, 4 speed one is in the radiator, 6 speed one is on the side of the block and well known to be problematic. Yeah ball joints are shit and have to replace entire arm, rear suspension spherical, diff bushes, rear springs sag, front diff bushes if you go awd. Also brake line issues and rust issues in the tailgate from day 1
  2. Go 7x10 for more inside storage/move around the car room.
  3. Unsure of it can be re-pinned, but I have a haltech ps1000 and patch loom for a s1 s14 sr20 that I don't need. Most tuners are happy to use them. By all reports links are pretty good bang for buck ecus
  4. Was just thinking about the axle breaking issue. Have you cycled the rear suspension with the coilovers unhooked to see if they are binding up? Only because of the shortened rear lca. May require s13/r32 length axles
  5. Yeah having done (but still not 100%) finished my own equal length trailing arm setup I feel your pain/joy
  6. Or you could make an offer on this one? Haha
  7. Not exactly. Better rods than the early turbo motors, but the piston aren't as good, high comp too 11:1 iirc hence the e85 and no timing. Have seen these running decent timing making mid 400s at the wheels
  8. This used to be my daily, but decided to spend more money on it rather than sell for a decent loss haha. Engine- LPG wrecker motor, oil pump, head studs, mls head gasket, valve springs, fg Intake and exhaust manifolds, 1170cc injectors, plazmaman in bay surge tank, kinugawa t04r, 100mm cooler, 4 inch dump, 3.5 inch exhaust, p/s pump delete. Steering/suspension/wheels - shockworks coilovers, all performance garage modified lca and knuckle to my own specs, front all Superpro bushes, peddlers leafs, fg shackles and all nolothane bushes, dual rear calipers with gktech handbrake, astra p/s pump in tub, 17x9+12 57d wheels with 255/40 r17s Interior - Velo fixed back drivers seat, Mardi wheel, blitz gauges, BLACKSPADE fabrications half cage. All heater/a.c. etc still work. Currently making 380rwkw on e85 on 19psi with a very safe no timing tune.
  9. Have a set of 4 18x9 +20 bbs mesh for 650 would have to figure out postage. If this is for the ba, the centre bore will need to be machined out a smidge. No pics on phone but they are on gumtree
  10. Oh so much change for me! Life: Now married with a 4 month old boy, and teach automotive at the local tafe, good to work less hours for much more coin. Cars: 95% finished building a ba Ute for skids and have a np300 that I have spent too much on and is the new money pit.
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