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  1. Just go as big as you can, hahaha I'm about to start sorting prices for a shed, I'm a little restricted as I don't have heaps of room, but I'm gonna get enough floor space for 4 corollas and that's livin. Will have a hoist and a big bench etc so won't be able to actually fit 4 corollas though.
  2. It's hard to get hyped on working on my car when I'm stuck watching left foot braking, hand brake entering, ls swapping Americans. So I end up watching drag racing or bmx things instead. But yeah, after some good channels to sub to Currently have subbed to Noriyaro, 1320, drift crash, cleetus, pfi speed, boosted bois, fasterproms and ksr fab.
  3. Elda_bob


    Talk to your tuner, use something they know backwards. Makes their life easier and you will probably end up with a better result because of it
  4. Elda_bob

    Pics of the Day

    I'm not a Porsche guy, but when you see a rwb on the street it a different story
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