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1UP Layne

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  1. Year/Make/Model: . 2017 Ram 1500 LimitedDrive: . 4wdMotor: .5.7 hemiTransmission: .Pos auto with to many gears Fuel: . Unleaded Towing Capacity: . 9500lbsTowing Modifications: . Factory air ride and self levelingPros: . Tows wellCons: . Everything else Rough price: .To Much for what you getComments: . Tows well but is a heap of crap to own.
  2. 1UP Layne


    Changed my jetski battery for a boot mounted optima d34 yellow, seems to bee the goods.
  3. 1UP Layne


    Waiting on my G4X, seem to be a lot of people recommending them.
  4. 1UP Layne

    Push Bikes

    Have a Sunday BMX collecting dust in the Garage. To old and sore to ever think about riding it, same goes for all my skateboards.
  5. Around 4K for the rig (I bought it because all the price drops) not including my VR and PC. could build this setup for around 3000-3500 these days cheaper if you have a seat and build your own frame
  6. 1UP Layne


    Have a couple here you might be interested in.
  7. VR is a double edged sword, you're track positioning becomes much better but you can't see things as far away Only other issue getting your "VR Legs" , you have to start off doing small sessions until your brain get use to it..... i gave myself vertigo the first time i used it: after a 7hr session i was sick for weeks. Now i can do 8hr sessions easy
  8. I7 7700k and 1080TI, built in 2018 right before the RTX series came out.
  9. 1UP Layne

    Sim talk

    Because i cant be the only one that likes wasting money on silly toys that don't get used. Pretty much only play Assetto Corsa, steam id iTsJIMMY2u Fanatec club sport gear running Oculus Rift,
  10. Moved to Canada in 2013 and lived the good life for 6 years. Sadly had to sell all my toys minus my S15 and return home as visa ran out and company was no more. At least the weather is good in Brisbane Name changed a few times in the years between 2004 - 2013 RADS14 was my last one.
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