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1UP Layne

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  1. Around 4K for the rig (I bought it because all the price drops) not including my VR and PC. could build this setup for around 3000-3500 these days cheaper if you have a seat and build your own frame
  2. Such a tidy build, good to see these brought back to life.
  3. 1UP Layne


    Have a couple here you might be interested in.
  4. For the love of god please finish this so I can love though your success
  5. This was the first attempt before work wheels and aero bumper, actually liked this look
  6. M177 sounds amazing, don't understand why people prefer the M156
  7. That s13 is what dreams are made of.
  8. I couldn't find them in the dark 15 mins before the track shut, so the 110 is getting sold. Childish rage quit took over
  9. VR is a double edged sword, you're track positioning becomes much better but you can't see things as far away Only other issue getting your "VR Legs" , you have to start off doing small sessions until your brain get use to it..... i gave myself vertigo the first time i used it: after a 7hr session i was sick for weeks. Now i can do 8hr sessions easy
  10. Also tried taking my stock 110 out to QR, this didn't go great as the TC just wouldn't turn off.
  11. Ended up stupidly swapping my Recaros for Brides Bought and sold a GTX30 as want to keep bottom end standard , planning either a G25 or TD06 20g in the coming months.
  12. I7 7700k and 1080TI, built in 2018 right before the RTX series came out.
  13. Are they T7r 2p you have on there atm?
  14. Big girls do it best, been keeping up with this on FB.
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