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Ford Territory - what goes wrong with them?

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Yeah i know they're old tech, but getting one sort of makes sense in my situation

- Working from home 4/5 days a week
- 60km each way to work, mostly open road
- New place is rural so playing farmer
- Need to tow 4-5 times a year
- Diesel SUV's/wagons are spency or have gone to the moon & back
- Petrol SUV's are cheap, been babied by townies and have low kms

From what i can see the 6 speed comes factory with a trans cooler, and appears to be light years ahead of the 4 speed

Wiki & google says the front ball joints are a problem. Anything else to know?

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All autos have some sort of trans cooler, 4 speed one is in the radiator, 6 speed one is on the side of the block and well known to be problematic. Yeah ball joints are shit and have to replace entire arm, rear suspension spherical, diff bushes, rear springs sag, front diff bushes if you go awd.  Also brake line issues and rust issues in the tailgate from day 1

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Good to know. Bushes have come up in my research but have a lead on getting them done. Didn't know about the brake line & rust issues in the tailgate, cheers!

Seems like the electronics aren't up to much either? Seen a few things pop up online about windows & central locking issues. I can deal with electrical with my background so aren't fussed

Sounds bad when you list it all like that but these things can be had for 5-8k with 150-200kms on them, and when I've got a way of sorting the bushes easily I can't ignore them


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