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what batteries are people running in their drift/ street cars?
im trying to figure out what to run as last couple ive have keep leaking and i cbf dealing with the acid in the boot rusting shit haha

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I use the HC20 too. Great size to keep in the bay with cooler piping, no messing around with relocation cables etc. Definitely needs to be isolated. I've start using a jump pack on cold mornings to help with the extended e85 cranking before the old RB coughs into life haha 

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I had an optima yellowtop for a few years and last event at raleigh it just shit itself. 

Had enough juice for accessories but couldn't start without a jumper pack - put on charge and it would charge up ok, but drop charge after 5 mins even with an isolator.

Lucky enough I took it back to SCA in coffs and swapped it (under warranty) for a Century 600CCA sealed unit. Fixed all my starting issues and no issues restarting after a stall.

Mines mounted behind the passenger seat in a 180sx.

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