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Diff chat

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What diff do you guys run? 

I have a shimmed r200 in my 32. Was watching some GoPro footage from my last QR drive and I reckon it's holding me back from angle/speed due to the wheels not spinning at equal speeds. It's worked fine until recently. On turn 6 at QR for example, kicking the clutch in third does not push the rear out and let me use more steering. It seems to be struggling under the load. 

Traditional upgrade is a 1.5/2way. Decent used parts for all S/R chassis are hard to come across nowadays though. I'm tempted to just weld it up. 

Is there actually any benefit to a mechanical centre over welded? Keep in mind the car is track only. 



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I think angle/speed could be associated more with alignment, setup and driving. Maybe post the video?
Currently I run a welded centre however that was only due to saving money at the time, I will move to a 2 way and change ratio soon.
A quick look at yahoo shows new diff centres starting at ~¥80,000 and complete used 4.3 diffs with mechanical centre for a fair bit less. 
Has anyone had experience with shipping complete diffs?
Also included these old charts, got caught out once with the Crown wheel bolt size.



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