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370Z & MX83 Diff-Axle Flange Dimensions

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Any chance anyone has an MX83 diff or axle out of the car that could measure the diff to axle flange PCD and diameter, height, etc of any centric ring within it?
Likewise with a 370Z (or 350Z) diff or axle?

Melbourne lockdown restrictions are making my life easy to go out and measure things, so if anyone has one of these diffs or axles out of a car and a set of verniers that would be superb.


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I think by the time i read this and got to the garage i measured the wrong things. but i got both things available and out of the car and currently doing a lot of measurement things/hybrid  setup  

I will be up your way next week (EFI hardware)  so can bring around if you need or feel free to come around here.

edge of hole to edge of hole, seemed to be the same for every one but to be honest i only checked three


Hole size 

But yeah check out the bin chicken thread if you want more measurements as i have found some detailed drawings of X8 stuff. 

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