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I stick to Skate 3 these days. Maybe once a year I get the board off the wall and promptly remember I've never been any good and that doesn't change as you get older. Nothing worse than having kids standing over you while you're laying in the bottom of the Logan Village skatepark going "Ewww, you're in the spew bowl". 


Skater XL and remastered THPS 1+2 coming this year but. Probably when I'll tell myself skating is easy and go for another lay in the spew bowl. 

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On 5/21/2020 at 8:40 PM, Charley said:

I’ve played the skater xl beta on pc and it’s very realistic, in the sense that it’s fucking hard just like real life haha

Also been playing since the early days, just started getting back into it now we can play with friends. Still hard as fuck and can't do any tricks on demand first go haha

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