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So undecided what to run in my sr20 lexus
I have a DJetro power FC already but still want to have a new loom made up, so I have been thinking it might be better to go a different ecu for it. 
Been thinking to go LINK but would like to hear people's opinions. 
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What ecu do you run and what would you recommend? 

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I always have always run nistune in the past.. Benny rates them a lot also. 
Just checked out the link website and M1 Tuning is a reseller so prob the best option to go with haha 

Seen this on IG the other day which i thought was cool. 

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Like peeps have said, if you go with what the tuner knows, will be a better result.

In saying that, I run a vi-pec (basically a link) and have zero complaints. Mine was a plugin,  fits inside the stock ecu case, can get rid of afm. Pretty happy with it. Alot would come down to the tuner,

But cold start/driveablility is great.

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I have a Emtron KV8 because my turner loves them and he is a specialists in the engine's i run (JZs) 

I have no issues with the ECU but i feel because they are new they are not real innovative at the moment and a lot of there items are just re branded other item's that they have flashed to allow it to be identified via CANBUS easy. 
Now that i'm looking at expanding a couple things on the project i feel i have sort of hit a dead end in regards to the brand and example is like the individual Thermocouple comes in a 4 or an 8M the 4 i either have to buy two or i go the Motorsports with the 8 and have two inputs wasted

where as if i went the motec version, i can use those to channels for other inputs ect and this makes me feel i should have gone Motec M series from the start, also with it being semi open source you have the ability to program your own things and seeing what Luke from powertune is doing with them is crazy. 

I guess at the time my tuner said the right thing, the Emtron does what i want it to do, it has the add on's i need it just annoying i cant get the icing on the cake sort of thing like i could get with motec items 




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Get a modern ECU. Haltech/Link are widely known by tuners in QLD and some seem to have a preference between the two. The ease of expansion and broader tuning capabilities of both make for a safer and better tune for your motor. The resolution of the older ecus just doesn't cut the mustard anymore. Talk to Whitey about Links. 

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