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st141 help

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hello all, so I've ended up getting a st141 wagon instead of a 31 wagon for my first skid (hopefully) car, I found the rona for $600 and r31's are the same price as s13's now but anyway, it has rod knock which is fine bc I'll just get a 2s-c from a wreckers until I have the money for a 22r or a beams, I'm thinking either ae86 or s13 suspension in the front but I'm not sure what to do about the rears, I've heard bc make coils for the mx73 that will fit but I'm worried they'll be longer and I wont be able to get the wagon sitting as low as I want it, so any information on suspension setups I'd really appreciate, cheers 🤙

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I wouldn't bother with 22re, just go straight to the 3sge, having a 2s in it already makes life easy.  Don't do silvia front either, keep it toyota, get some inserts and shorten the casing and convert to coilover. Or find a weld in kit for mx73 etc and weld it onto your axle. Rear for the wagon I can't recall if they are different to the sedan, which is fine to use other toyota stuff like the mx73 etc.

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