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General Alignment Thread

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Bringing back something I found very useful from the old forum. Initially setup my car on the back of someone’s comment. 

Car: S13 Silvia 

Alignment Specs: 

Castor: 7 degrees
Camber: -5 either side
Toe: 1mm out per side

Camber: Left -3.4 right -3.1
Toe: 1mm in per side

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Lots of variables like  height / grip / knuckle / type of driving and of course, personal preference. 


I run around 

Castor: 6.4 degrees 
Camber: -7.7
Toe: 1-3mm out per side

Camber:  -0.8 
Toe: 0

Slightly longer traction arm to help with camber and toe curve on compression etc.


This is on a drift only car but I like to try and drive places fast. Mostly banked corners. Car is at a height where from front LCA is over level and rear is almost flat. 235 and 265 rubber ~ 200kw.

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I don't subscribe to the lifted, gripped & twitchy trend personally so alignment reflects that. The S13 is a 90/10 street/track split as follows:

Camber: -2.5
Castor: 6.6
Toe: 0

Camber: -1.5
Toe: 0

C35 is going for an alignment this weekend and will only have lock spacers (factory knuckles) but will still need to be a-framed so can't go crazy on the toe. Will aim for the following:

Camber: -4 (max negative at hub, fine adjustments at top hat)
Toe: 1mm toe out each side
(Castor will be what ever it ends up being as don't have adj castor arms)


Camber: -2
Toe: 2mm in per side (depends on the thread engagement on the rose joints)

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